Why Does Your Vehicle Need A Dashcam?


When a driver attaches a dashcam to the windscreen, it gives constant surveillance video of the road at the front of the vehicle. 

If a car lurches at the front of a truck, the dashcam will record the footage and offer video evidence to show to police enforcement. Essentially, the dashcam is an impartial eye witness that records precisely what happened even without exaggeration. Believe that buying a dashcam guarantees your personnel and fleet are safeguarded.

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What Is A Dashcam?

In the event of a collision or other unlawful vehicular accusation, a dash camera (dash cam) can aid in the driver’s protection. The driver or fleet manager are protected from unjust litigation in which a service provider falsely accuses the driver of unsafe driving. This is especially important for trucking companies.

Why Do You Need A Dashcam?

A dash cam can record more than simply a driver’s travels. Dash cams are a great way to increase driver awareness and protection, and when combined with a laser rangefinder, they become the ideal driver warning system. Dash cams are a terrific way to keep a watch on a car parked, supervise your teen driver, or prove you weren’t at blame in an accident. Learn more about each of the advantages mentioned below.

1. Capture On-the-Spot Evidence

Getting a second set of virtual eyes on the road can assist show culpability in accidents and keep insurance prices low. A dash cam can also be used to catch hit-and-run perpetrators. Dishonest or scared drivers may depart the scene after a collision, leaving you to cover the damages. With a high-resolution cam, you ought to be able to see licence plates, which will help authorities find the accountable party.

2. Parents Can Supervise New Drivers

It’s nerve-wracking to see your child start driving there for the first time, but dash cam capabilities like Gps data and G-sensors that detect hits and trigger alarms can help assure responsibility and safety. The CDC says that youths aged 16-19 have the highest risk of car crashes. 


In fact, the National Household Travel Survey found that 16-year-old drivers have 1.5 times the crash rate of 18- or 19-year-old drivers per mile. Dash cam footage can be used to teach new drivers how to drive securely and more responsibly. Parents can add another layer of security by installing a cabin view dashboard camera that records the driver and passengers within the car.

3. Send dash cam video to insurers

Age, commuting length, and driving record all affect insurance premiums. Speeding fines and accidents can quadruple your insurance rates. In the case of an accident, a dash cam with incident records can help speed up the claims procedure and show your innocence. 


Nobody desires to be in an incident, even the most diligent motorists can be affected by others. Providing video footage instead of depending on what he said is an irrefutable technique to explain how an accident happened.

4. Give cops dash cam footage

Dash cameras can film car crashes, but they can also capture evidence for police in hit-and-runs or drunk driving. Wide-angle dash cams can capture pedestrians, bikers, and others endangering drivers. 

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You can report a dangerous driver or a vehicle that runs a bicycle off the road by recording their actions on camera. 


If you see a hit-and-run, waiting for the cops and giving evidence can assist arrest the offender and help the victim avoid paying for injuries and medical bills. Dash cams are becoming increasingly used in truck fleets, mass transportation, and ride-share vehicles. Uncovering the truth about a crime that occurred or in front of their vehicle is possible with a dash cam.

5. Road Trip or Scenic Drive Photos

American drivers can enjoy scenic drives without ever getting out of their cars. Beautiful coastlines and mountains may be seen from the Pacific Coast Highway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 66, and Overseas Highway. 


Rather than worrying about taking images, a dash cam allows you to relax and take in your surroundings. You can also save, edit, and share film to create a great memento of your travels.

Which Features To Look For In A Dashcam?

It’s difficult for a novice dashcam buyer to determine which features are essential and which are optional. Some are obvious, such as solitary (one lens) or dual-channel (two cameras). Other aspects may seem nice at first, but may not be that fantastic in the long term. Cloud connectivity is also only supported by a few models across various brands.


But for this list, we’ll focus on the most important characteristics. In other words, without these qualities, you should absolutely choose another model or brand.

1- Loop recording & Auto start:

All products can be powered by the vehicle’s fuse box, cigarette socket, or dash cam battery pack, but they all turn on and record automatically.


Dash cams with parking mode recording automatically start recording when the vehicle is stopped.

2- Memory Capacity

Memory capacity is determined by the microSD card used throughout the dash cam. Almost all modern dash cams allow up to 128GB of storage, which corresponds to 12-35 hrs of durations depending on model.


This wide range of times is due to the difference in resolution between front and rear dash cams. For some clients, 128GB doesn’t seem like much, but the main constraint is the loop record and continuous use of the micro sd card in dashboard cameras. Larger storage microSD cards are simply not as dependable at this time.

3- Impact Detection

Dashcams should feature a G-sensor, and accelerometer, to detect bumps, crashes, and rapid acceleration or deceleration. This enables the dashcam to generate and tag Event films, making it easy to find them afterwards.

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Dashcams with G-sensors create buffered Event footage. Some newer versions additionally disallow Event video overwriting.

4- A Field-of-View

Important road footage might come from any direction, so dash cams must have a wide field of view to catch it.


The hard issue is that wider fields of view produce more warped or fish-eyed footage. Dash cams have a sweet spot around 125° and 165°, and most of those are around 140°. This range is large enough to capture side incidences without being distorted. Any wider range of view will make you fish-eyed, and any tighter will not capture the sides.

5- A Supercapacitor

They are “super safe” batteries, about the size of two AAA cells. It has just enough horsepower to let the dash cam record files and shut down without issues. By doing so, it will continue to record and shut off even if the energy wire is accidentally disconnected. Remember that any dash cam with a developed lithium battery rather than a supercapacitor is a fire danger.

6- Audio Recording

In some cases, a dash cam’s audio recording is vital.

The microphones in dash cams potentially pick up audio from people near the crash site with a window or door open. Audio recordings can also aid with an insurance claim if the other side claims they were not at fault in an automobile collision.

Top 5 In Budget Dash Cam For Vehicles

5- Garmin Mini 2

4- Vantrue N4

3- Toguard Mini Dash Cam

2- Nexar Beam

1- Vantrue X4

So, Is It Worthwhile To Invest In A Dash Cam? Finally, Some Concluding Ideas

Having the capacity to save and distribute dash cam video footage has been used to catch suspects, prove driver guilt, and protect passengers with drivers alike, among other things. There is no way for us to describe every event that might be caught by dash cam tape, but you can witness several of the most bizarre occurrences that have ever been documented on dash cam footage. Dash cameras are not just a handy item that can provide you with peace and quiet, but they can also help you save time and money if you are involved in an automobile accident. It’s possible that you’ll change your mind about whether or not you need one.

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