The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit – Can You Do Luxury Traveling On A Low Budget? Find Out The Truth!


Has it been a long time where your inner tourist is craving to see the snow covered hills or fields of fresh veggies? Isn’t it true that the occupied nature of work, mediocre routine with the unwanted city chaos have made you desperate enough to step out towards the northern regions of the globe? 

But are you scared of the scam of cheap flights or fraud brokers? If the answer is yes, worry not as we have just reviewed a traveling toolkit which is there to turn all your lows into pleasant highs. Wanting nothing but the best for all readers, we have jotted down the main parameters of The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit so that you can decide your next trip wisely. 

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

Know about The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit

As the tagline says, Luxury Travel On A Poor Man’s Budget, it is quite evident that the package has been designed affordable for all. The motive of luxury for all is not a common trait you can find especially when it comes to tourism. Let it be the arrangement of flights, accommodation services inclusive hotels or even the transportation have been looked after in this travel hacker’s toolkit. In a nutshell, all the nightmares of managing a tour on your behalf will be narrowed down as per the services offered in this kit. 

Who Are The Founders?

When Dane Homenick isn’t sailing or seeing the world, you can find him on the water. He’s been travelling for decades and was fortunate enough to complete the 30/30 challenge, which required him to visit 30 different countries by the age of thirty.

They now live in the Bahamas on their sailboat, the ‘Sea Otter,’ with his (far) better half Makaela. Founded by Dane Homenick, Journo is a travel agency.


They want to help fellow travellers remember their trips better with their famous travel diary software, which includes route-tracking and printable keepsakes and collaborative Journos.

However, Journo isn’t done there; it works tirelessly to assist its incredible members travel at a fraction of the cost, for longer stretches of time, and to have more fun along the way.


For them, travel is a way of life, and they take it very seriously (like you). As a Travel Journal, It All Began.

There had to be a simpler way to document our travels, thus the Journo Travel Journal was put together by a team of creative thinkers. When I was “on the hook” at one of the most beautiful and lonely bays in the Exuma Islands, I came up with the concept while trying to explain this outrageously red sunset. Even if I tried, I doubt I could do it justice with mere words.

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

Everything began with that simple notion and quickly grew from there.

Travelers throughout the world have praised the app, and it has been published on sites like:


  • Forbes
  • GadgetFlow 
  • Huffington Post 
  • Gemfound 
  • Cool Material


Having the itch of wanderlust, Makaela & Homenick have indeed been nomads since over 15 years and have taken dozens upon dozens of trips only to be dissatisfied each time.

Because of this, they’ve come to realise that it’s a common annoyance experienced by all travellers. Instead of putting up with it, they decided to get to work.

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

With the help of experts in the field, they’ve tried out hundreds of these exploits on their own and conferred with every travel hacker they know. To maximise your savings, they’ve worked tirelessly to devise an ideal approach for booking a ticket no matter where you’re travelling or arriving.

How To Find Out If It’s Worth It?

To put it another way, you can literally have one of those snazzy coffees at Starbucks, or you can make yourself the flight specialise among all of your mates by becoming the guy on the street who has finally figured out all of the deepest secrets that the aviation industry has been trying so hard to keep hidden from us, as well as how to use them to your obvious benefit!

Knowing how to plan the absolute cheapest flight, depending on the illusive “booking windows” and tricks, will save you a tonne of time, money, and aggravation!

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

**Do you know? A large population of Americans have been found studying for 12+ days before getting their hands on one tour package or even more. Wile as per a travel study conducted airfares are usually seen to be increased with a ratio of 4.5% after every 12 days. So you know a bang on travelers kit can actually do wonders for you by saving your time and ultimately your money too. Because we all know that time is money!

How To Get Your Hands On The Traveler’s Kit?

The idea that you can download Dane Homenick’s The Travel Hackers Toolkit for complimentary will be used by certain sites to entice you to visit them. It’s possible that their page titles will read something like “The Travel Hackers Toolkit Download Free PDF.” When you arrive at the place, they attempt to justify their actions by claiming that it is “risk-free.” 


Risk-free and free, on the other hand, are not the same thing to us! However, while you can technically sample The Travel Hackers Toolkit danger-free because of the 60-day money-back guarantee, you will still need to pay for it in order to utilize it, thus it is not a free resource. This programme is not available for free, and any website that claims to offer it for free is not being completely honest with you – and is giving illegal copies, either of which is a good thing in this situation.


What’s Covered In This E-Book?

It’s named ‘the definitive guide to vacation hacking inexpensive flights’ for a reason, and here’s a taste of what you can expect to find in this ebook…


  • The most common reason for overpaying on flights, as well as how to avoid doing so in the future.
  • How to take advantage of the ’54-day rule’ and worldwide ‘best booking dates’ in order to maximise your profits
  • A little-known tool for determining your “starting point”
  • The three days of the week on which you must make every effort to book your departure 
  • How to ‘go incognito’ and remove your search history from your browser
  • You may sit back and chill with Netflix as price falls are delivered to you via two of your favourite alert services (both are free)
  • Cross-examining “low-ticket” airlines that most brokers do not scan is the most efficient method of doing so
  • The number one tool for requesting a refund if the price of your ticket reduced
  • A personalised ‘pre-booking checklist,’ whether for international or domestic flights, is available.
  • price tracker worksheet, which will allow you to more easily check your cheap costs before making a reservation.

A Friendly Suggestion

Beware regarding booking a flight especially when you are booking it for your loved ones. 

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

It is not recommended that you book another flight without first consulting a tried and true step-by-step guide, which is especially true if you are booking for more than one person.

The Pricing Scheme

Though the travelling guides are seen to be a bit expensive. But taking under consideration clientele needs The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit just costs $7. Knowing the fact that the E-book will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it won’t be a foolish decision to opt for this tool kit. While saving yourself from future traveling loans. 


Is It Even LEGIT? The Final Thoughts 

Though the marketing strategy of naming this kit as a hacker traveling kit is indicative much to consider it as a scam. But as per the reviews of this traveler kit, we have observed that you can give it a shot. The traveler’s kit is just not affordable but it has also covered all the domains a novice traveler needs to learn before stepping out into the unpredictable yet adventurous wildlife of travelling. 

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit Official Website

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