PCTattelete Review: Is It A Worthwhile Spy Program?



Do you or your family frequently use electronic devices in your everyday lives? As time passes, life becomes increasingly digital. Our dependence on cellphones and computers is growing by the minute, from basic conversation to education and job.


Regrettably, this makes it simpler for evil actors to take advantage of the technology. Using tracking software can undoubtedly help you, whether you’re a parent concerned about your children’s screen usage or an employer looking to eliminate distractions in the office. PCTattleTale will do this job for you. 


We’ll examine all this app has to offer in our thorough PCTattleTale evaluation to determine if it’s the appropriate fit for your individual case.

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What Is PCTattletale?

PCTattletale is a keylogger and remote spying program. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iPhone. What you need to know is that it does not necessitate rooting their Android handset. You also don’t need to jailbreak their iPhone in order to utilize it. This is crucial when you consider alternative options.


It’s not easy to jailbreak an iPhone. It is required by the majority of spy software and keyboard logger suppliers. pcTattletale, on the other hand, is not one of them. Your warranty will be invalidated if you jailbreak your iPhone. The goal of pcTattletale has been to provide you with as much information as possible without having to jailbreak your iPhone. This is also true for Android.


You just install the program on the device (or computer) you wish to record using pcTattletale. Simply log on to our website to access the recordings. As a result, it is a real remote keylogger. You won’t have to touch their device again after you’ve installed pcTattletale. You may give it to them and then monitor their every step using your phone, tablet, or another computer.

Who Can Make Use Of It?

Employers and parents are the most common consumers. Couples, as previously said, are an unexpectedly large client category. Let’s look at how the software may be utilized in the scenarios listed above:


Employers’ Guide

On the computers of your staff, you can keep track of everything they do. Check to see whether they are:


  • Following your procedures and instructions
  • stealing information from a firm
  • Looking for a new job
  • Taking longer than normal breaks
  • Time spent on social media (when they should be working)
  • I’m on YouTube (again when they should be working)
  • Playing video games (yes, when they should be working)
  • Working from the comfort of your own home


This may be a good approach to get information on your employees’ levels of engagement. You can genuinely enhance general efficiency at the office and (hopefully) raise sales after thoroughly analysing this enormous data.

Official Website of PCTallelete

Why Is It So Popular?

The first reason PC Tattletale is so popular among parents is that it tracks your children’s activities as they transition from offline business to online business. You will be able to follow your 14-year-old girl whether she is working on a high school project using MS Word or conversing with someone who is really flirtatious in an Internet chatroom. 


Users may use this programme to filter and monitor not just unwanted websites for their children, but also chatroom talks, email conversations, MySpace and Facebook network of friends, track their login and password, and screenshots. You’ll also have to set a password that can only be accessed by the person who installed the programme on the computer in the first place. Your children will be unable to uninstall or delete the programme unless they have a password in their possession.

Some Interesting And Unique Features Of PCTatellate

The keylogger

The keylogger in pcTattletale for Windows is fantastic. It not only records all of their keystrokes (including their Facebook login), but it also inserts them into the video. So you can see what they were typing while you watch the movie.

Windows Installation Made Simple

pcTattletale installs like any other software app on any Windows PC. If you can install Microsoft Word on their computer, you can install pcTattletale as well. Read this article to learn more. How can I install pcTattletale on my Windows computer?


The iPhone version of pcTattletale is totally contrasting thing.  Why? They couldn’t develop an app that operated silently and made videos in the same way we could for Android or Windows. Apple’s iOS is simply too restricted. When you look for iPhone keyloggers on Google, you’ll see that they all require you to jailbreak your costly iPhone. Don’t do that, otherwise, your warranty will be voided, and your iPhone will be broken. The best thing is that you don’t have to touch their phone or install any apps.

Official Website of PCTallelete

Advanced GPS tracking on a phone

pcTattletlae’s sophisticated GPS position tracking is perhaps the most astounding thing it can accomplish with iPhone. The important thing to remember with pcTattletale for iPhone is that there is no app to download. You don’t even have to know their unlock code. It is even feasible to connect pcTattletale to their iPhone from hundreds of kilometers away. They will be completely unaware that you are now able to see exactly where they are standing. You’ve also just received every text message they’ve ever sent.

What Is The Pricing and Refund Policy For PCTattleatle?

The price plan of pcTattletale is probably the finest thing about it. It is based on an annual subscription that may be canceled at any moment. Because of the costs of storing all of your data online so you can access it from anywhere, we employ a subscription approach. For $99. you may get started with pcTattletale. This will allow you to record for up to 7 days on up to 3 devices.


You can mix and combine those three gadgets as you see fit. You might need to keep track of three Windows PCs. Perhaps a Windows PC, an Android phone, and an Amazon Kindle Fire HD are involved. The majority of key logger and spy software suppliers do not provide a money-back guarantee. You should use caution while acquiring software from them. What happens if it doesn’t work out? You’ve lost all of your money.

Our Final Statement

Now that you know why individuals choose PC Tattletale to alternative parental control software for online behaviors, you can decide for yourself. If you are a parent who wants to safeguard your children from all of the paedophiles in the world, then this is the very least you can do for them. Similarly, many parents are already anxious about their children’s activities, and this is one of the most effective methods for them to keep track of them.


With PC Tattletale, you can protect your children and teenagers from paedophilia.

Official Website of PCTallelete


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