Old School New Body Review: Does It Help In Improving Your Physique?


Old School New Body Review: Does It Help In Improving Your Physique?

The majority of people who wish to improve their look are concerned with their physique.


It’s the part of human nature that he wants change. That’s why there’s always something you need to alter, whether you have a really lean physique or a body with a little excess fat. Finding a decent program to help you shape your body is crucial since it will allow you to gain muscle or reduce weight, depending on your goals.


The Old School New Body book claims to achieve just that. We’ll learn everything you need to know about this workout and nutrition regimen meant to help you shape your figure in our Old School New Body review.


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What is the purpose of Old School New Body?

OldSchoolNewBody.com offers a digital download eBook called Old School New Body. It is a comprehensive program designed to help you improve your diet and exercise habits in order to get the body you desire. It includes all of the fitness and exercise regimens you could want, as well as nutritional advice to help you stick to a healthy diet. It employs the Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) protocol, which is designed to boost metabolism while also lowering the chance of injury during workouts. Weight training and aerobic exercise are combined in this regimen to promote fat burning and muscle growth. It’s especially appropriate for folks in their fifties Because both of the book’s authors are in their fifties!

What Does Old School New Body Include?

The old school new body product comprises five key concepts that must be followed in order to slow down the aging process and restore your body’s natural youth hormones. The product aids in the attainment of an ideal body and the reclaiming of one’s health. The following are the five principles.

Don’t Be Scared With Fats

Saturated fats and cholesterol are both restricted in a low-fat diet. Obesity and heart disease are among the problems that diets are designed to prevent. Most people choose low-fat diets, which has resulted in their being bigger, sicker, and more hooked to sugar. It is terrible that we are passing this habit on to our children. Fats are not to be scared because they aid in the regeneration of power hormones in the body. People who consume low-calorie foods appear tired, worn, and weak; they are frequently unwell, and they rarely like dining out. Every meal every gram should be tracked, and there is no need to be afraid of consuming fats.

Avoid Circular Motion

People who want to preserve their body form frequently attend gym lessons, but you’ll observe that their bodies don’t alter much after they leave the gym. It’s terrific cardio, but cardiovascular conditioning can be achieved in a fraction of the time and effort. By raising the number of radicals that prey on key nutrients and tissues, the lengthy duration of the activities typically accelerates the aging process.

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Don’t Relate Obesity With Age

People should cease believing that being obese comes with age since the body does not have a clock. Steve and Becky are both in their fifties and have kept their bodies in terrific shape. Becky is a thin, toned, and sultry woman, while Steve’s six-packs have remained intact. When compared to persons in similar age groups, the difference is obvious.

Avoid Prolonged Dehydration

Water is necessary for fat burning, appetite suppression, and skin renewal. Taking at least 12 ounces of clean water every day will help you seem younger and give your skin a healthy shine. Water has additional advantages as well: it can help you lose weight, protect your liver and kidneys from chronic overwork, and give you more energy. When the kidneys are dehydrated, the liver must create water rather than burn fat to compensate. As a result, it is important to drink water.

Reduce Your Workout Time

Beck and Steve noticed that the most attractive athletes were those who had left the gym while others were still warming up. Over the years, the two decided to create the F4X training method, which is a men’s and women’s workout regimen. It consists of a set of four particular exercises that may be completed in under ten minutes. The approach was a personal breakthrough in terms of achieving perfect bodies, keeping in top form in a short amount of time, and maintaining a life outside of the gym. Steve and Becky are the exclusive proprietors of the youth-enhancing system, so you won’t be able to find it anyplace else.

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How Does F4X Training Method Work?

  1. F4X Lean: In the Lean phase, you’re supposed to lose 10, 25, 50, or even 100 pounds. This is where you’ll learn about the F4X Lean MealPlan. You’ll reduce weight and gain muscle tone. According to the authors, some people stay in this phase indefinitely because they enjoy the effects of lean muscle tone. They aim to gain lean muscle mass without increasing their strength or shedding a significant amount of weight.


  1. F4X Shape: During the Shape phase, you can continue to drop as much weight as you like. Because you’ve added lean muscle, you’re burning even more body fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat (95 percent more calories at rest). You’re not just slimmer and better than before, but your body is continuously burning calories, even while you sleep.


  1. F4X Build: During the Build phase, you develop true, functional strength. Rather than focusing just on lean muscle, the program promotes strength training. With simple changes to your lifting routines and food, you may supposedly add 15 to 20 pounds to your frame by following the phase.


These phases take only 90 minutes every week to complete. If you have 90 minutes per week to spend, you may gain lean muscle mass, decrease weight, and attain the body results you desire.


You may even be able to finish at phase 1 if you have met your weight-loss and body-shape objectives. Obviously, unless you follow the Old School New Body nutrition plan, none of these workouts will provide benefits. These diet regimens are the ones that the designers of this program really follow. Unlike other diet programs, which focus on restricting food items and calorie consumption, the Old School New Body genuine review claims that the diet plan emphasizes boosting protein intake while minimizing carbohydrate intake. In addition, you are not allowed to eat refined or processed foods on this diet.

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Is the product meant for a certain audience?

The product can be used by anybody, young or old, male or female. People in their twenties and thirties The old school principals work well with young individuals, and they work even better because of the increased hormone levels.


People in their forties This age is a good moment to begin; one must begin with phase 1 and continue through phases 2 and 3 before stagnating. The body is still young, and you may do anything with the regimen; you will also age more slowly in your forties than others.


People in their fifties can utilize it in phase two or move on to phase three to avoid muscle loss. When one reaches their fifties, age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia, accelerates, necessitating resistance training to slow it down. The F4X protocol is the most effective way to do this.


The F4X protocol is critical for people in their sixties because of the fast pace of muscle deterioration; it must be implemented quickly, otherwise one would rapidly age. Men and women over the age of sixty can safely use the F4X protocol. One must adhere to phases one and two, but we must be go-getters who generally take action.

Official Website for Old School New Body

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