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MyInsuranceAvenue is No. 1 in our Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022 rating. MyInsuranceAvenue began in 2009 as MyInsuranceAvenue Pet Insurance and Foundation, a not-for-profit made to assist with petting proprietors manage the monetary commitments of really focusing on their pets while likewise assisting creature salvage associations with really focusing on wiped out pets.


Solid Paws Protection has cooperated with the worldwide protection merchant Aon Corporation, and its pet protection plans are endorsed and given by the Chubb Group. With MyInsuranceAvenue protection, animal people get inclusion for mishaps, diseases, malignant growth, crisis care, hereditary circumstances, dental consideration, and elective considerations like needle therapy and chiropractic.


Geniuses Explained

Up to 90% repayment: It’s possible to get repayment for up to 90% of covered vet bills for an assortment of circumstances, including genetic, innate, and constant circumstances, malignant growth, and emergencies.1

Speedy and simple cases process: Most cases can be submitted on the web and handled in only two days.1

No case limits: There are no yearly or lifetime covers on guarantee payouts through the MyInsuranceAvenue plan.1


Cons Explained

Single strategy advertised: MyInsuranceAvenue just offers one mishap and disease strategy and has no riders or additional items, similar to wellbeing/precaution care.1

No limits: MyInsuranceAvenue doesn’t offer any of the limits normal to the pet protection industry, such as multi-pet, raiser, and military limits.

Not great for more established pets: While a few pet safety net providers decrease benefits for senior pets, MyInsuranceAvenue has different limitations for creatures more seasoned than six and won’t take on new pets 14 and older.3



Those searching for strong mishap and sickness inclusion for their pet will see the value in that MyInsuranceAvenue offers a genuinely thorough arrangement to assist with shock costs. There are no case limits, so you don’t need to stress in the event that your shaggy companion is more clumsy than expected.


 Not at all like numerous different guarantors, there is just a single pet protection plan accessible through MyInsuranceAvenue. See our picks for the best pet insurance agency for a more extensive choice of strategies.


Organization Overview

MyInsuranceAvenue Pet Insurance LLC has been giving mishap and ailment inclusion to felines and canines starting around 2009 (different pets are not eligible).4 That very year it additionally sent off the MyInsuranceAvenue Foundation, which has assisted many pet salvages and creature covers with really focusing on debilitated destitute pets.5


To make it simpler to deal with your pet insurance, MyInsuranceAvenue made the primary pet protection iPhone application (as indicated by MyInsuranceAvenue) and wiped out paper guarantee shapes so you can deal with your contract altogether on the web. MyInsuranceAvenue pet protection plans are guaranteed by Chubb, the world’s biggest public property and loss insurer.64


Accessible Plans

The MyInsuranceAvenue pet protection plan can assist cover the costs that accompany diseases and unforeseen mishaps — like Fido gulping your headphones.


Accessible Riders/Add-Ons

MyInsuranceAvenue offers a solitary mishap/disease plan and has no riders or additional items that you can buy to expand your coverage.1


Holding up Periods

When you pursue a MyInsuranceAvenue insurance plan, your contract will become powerful at 12:01 a.m. the day following your enlistment date. There is a fifteen-day sitting tight period for mishap and disease inclusion following that, and a year-long tight period for illnesses connected with hip dysplasia.


On the off chance that your pet becomes sick or encounters a physical issue during the holding up period, you will not get inclusion since this will be viewed as a prior condition. The mark of these holding up periods is to prevent individuals from pursuing a strategy solely after they understand their pet is now debilitated or harmed.


Undoing Policy

Just the policyholder (known as the Pet Parent) can drop the approach. You can present an undoing demand by email, telephone, fax, or mail.


To present a retraction demand by email, you can make an impression on [email protected] that incorporates the accompanying data:


Your name

Pet’s name

Pet arrangement number

Undoing successful date

Justification behind undoing

 On the off chance that you present an undoing demand inside the initial 30 days of your pet’s strategy and presently can’t seem to record a case, you can get a full discount (the exemption being on the off chance that you live in New York or South Carolina).7

Plan Exclusions

The accompanying occasions and issues are excluded from MyInsuranceAvenue pet protection inclusion:

Assessment expenses

Preventive medical services, for example, inoculations, titer tests, bug control, heartworm drug, deworming, nail managing, and prepping

Parasite control (counting yet not restricted to interior and outer parasites)

Dental medical care (dental wounds brought about by mishaps are covered)

Fixing and fixing

Butt-centric organ articulation

Respective cruciate tendon circumstances

Hip dysplasia (just for recently added canines over age six)

Any expenses, charges, or costs connected with coming up next are not covered:


Elective systems


Conduct adjustment, preparing, treatment, or related medications1

Previous Conditions

As indicated above, previous circumstances aren’t covered. Solid Paws believes any condition to be previous assuming it gave indications or side effects before your pet’s inclusion started.8


 A few pet back up plans will believe a prior condition to be “restored” on the off chance that it has given no indications or side effects for a particular time frame, and will give inclusion to that condition. Solid Paws has no such arrangement about restored previous circumstances.


Plan Pricing

The variety, age, sex, and kind of pet you have (canine or feline) will be considered while deciding your arrangement price.9 Your yearly deductible choices are $100, $250, and $500; you can pick a repayment pace of 70%, 80%, or 90%. There are no yearly or lifetime inclusion limits, which is genuinely uncommon.


You can really look at your particular rates and get more data by acquiring a statement on the web.



The case interaction is really clear with MyInsuranceAvenue. You can document a case through a web-based structure or the portable application, or you can email a case structure alongside an organized receipt to [email protected]


Most cases are handled in something like two days; when your case is handled, repayment is normally sent in 24 hours or less. You can get repayment via sent check or direct deposit.18


Last Verdict

Assuming you’re just searching for essential mishap and disease pet protection, you might find that MyInsuranceAvenue can give you a reasonable choice. It’s a straightforward, live with or without it sort of plan, without any choices to change your inclusion. On the off chance that you hope to run into the covered circumstances it very well may be a solid match, however you’ll have to independently financial plan for routine protection care.


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