How To Get A Pulse Oximeter On Your Finger Tips? Learn The Mechanism!


The difficult and unpredictable period of Covid has unwittingly transformed us all into doctors of our kind. Particularly, the primary symptom, lower oxygen levels, has made us all too familiar with a piece of medical equipment known as a ‘pulse oximeter.’


Although this is the case, there is disagreement among health officials about whether widespread use of surveillance with just a pulse oximeter should indeed be recommended during Covid-19. Studies on reliability have yielded conflicting results, and there is little guide on how to select a reliable test. However, many physicians are advising their patients to purchase one, trying to make it the go-to gizmo for the pandemic. 

We’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions about the gadget, including how it tends to work or what to do with the benefits it provides.


What Is A Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a simple tool that resembles a chip clip or a large clothes pin in size and appearance. Once you’ve inserted one finger snugly within it (most require that the nail be facing up), the device illuminates with numbers denoting your venous oxygen level and pulse rate within seconds. The oxygen saturation of the majority of healthy people will be between 95 and 98 percent. Some people who have pre-existing health issues may have a lower replacement reading than the general population. If your blood pressure drops to somewhere around 93 and otherwise 92 or lower, you should consult with your doctor immediately.

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Your heart rate will also be displayed on the device. Resting heart rates for adults range between 60 and 100 beats per minute, with athletes having higher cardiovascular fitness having a lower pulse rate than the general population.

A chunk of medical advice before using pulse oximeter;

One thing to keep in mind when having read a pulse oximeter is that so many of them are intended to be read by those who are facing you rather than the person who is wearing the device. When we first used our peripheral device, it appeared as though the oxygen content was a worrisome 86, but we quickly discovered that it was trying to read it upside down. (It was the year 98.)

How Does A Pulse Oximeter Function?

You won’t feel anything when you put your finger into a pulse oximeter because it beams specific colors of light through your finger. It is specifically targeting haemoglobin, a protein chemical compound in your blood that transports oxygen around the body. Hemoglobin absorbs light at different wavelengths and in different amounts depending on the amount of oxygen it is transporting. 


You will receive a numerical reading from your pulse oximeter, which will be expressed as a percentage indicating the level of blood oxygen in your blood. If you’ve visited a physician in the last 20 years, you’ve probably had your pulse oximetry measured.


The device performs better when the hands are warmer rather than cold. And, because oxygen concentration can fluctuate, it’s a good idea to take measurements several times throughout the day. Attempt it in various positions, such as lying flat on the ground or walking. Keep a record of your observations so that you can share them with your physician if necessary.

How To Use A Pulse Oximeter?


For accurate readings, a pulse oximeter must be stayed steady in place for at least 30 seconds; if there is a lot of action, poor placement, or inadequate time for the desktop to fine tune, the results may be hard to interpret or misleading.

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Step 2

Avoid wearing nail varnish or wearing false nails because these can prevent the lamp from the gadget from reaching your blood and affecting the reading.

Step 3

There are many different medical conditions that can affect the precision of readings. Some of them, such as iron deficiency anemia and Raynaud’s syndrome (in which the fingers become unusually cold), can be prevented.

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Is Monitoring Oxygen Levels At Home Always Accurate?

It is possible that a patient’s home monitor will give a faulty interpretation or will be used incorrectly, causing them to seek medical attention unnecessarily. It is possible that you or somebody in your home has a very low mark, in which case you should test your gadget on a good health person to ensure that it is functioning properly, and then start debating it with your physician.


A home automation system should not inculcate a false sense of safety in you, as well. Even if your oxygen level appears to be normal, don’t ignore physical symptoms. Even if you are experiencing severe difficulty breathing, a mild fever, confusion, or otherwise concerning symptoms, you should still seek medical attention. 


The advantage of tracking is that it may be able to detect a deterioration in your lung diseases before you become aware of it. Moreover, if you are suffering from severe illness for a period of time — as many Covid clients do for several weeks — to see a regular oxygen level can help to alleviate some of the strain of the illness.

Top Five FDA Approved Pulse Oximeter 

  • Oxiline Pulse 7 Pro
  • Santamedical Deluxe SM-110 
  • HoMedics Pulse Oximeter
  • Masimo (most commonly used in hospitals)
  • OMRON P300 Intelli IT

The Bottom Line

Despite the fcat, the lack of edival aod has turned us all our own doctors at home. It’s significant to get complete knowledge of any medical equipment before getting your hands upon it. Pulse oximeters are no lesser than little angels assuring you that your oxygen levels are upto the mark. Nonetheless we will recommend you to take timely action in terms of proper medical consultation by taking unusual pulse rate under consideration.

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