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How To Buy Amazon Shares In The UK: Is Buying Amazon Shares In The UK A Wise Investment Decision? 


During the COVID-19 lockdown, the majority of equities saw losses in the double-digit percentage range; however, Amazon was not one of those companies. On the other hand, the volatility in the market was to the advantage of the online shop. Because of this, if you wish to purchase Amazon shares on your own, you will have to utilize an account that allows you to trade shares located in the United Kingdom and provides access to the NASDAQ stock exchange in the United States.


This article will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire Amazon shares internet in the United Kingdom. This article details the procedures that must be taken in order to acquire Amazon shares in the quickest, most affordable, and most secure manner possible, as well as the best UK brokerage to do it with.

The Significance Of Owning Shares

It is important to examine the motivations behind your desire to purchase shares. Are you interested in increasing your investment’s value, receiving income via dividends, or any mix of the two? Whether you want to invest in better technology shares or even more conservative firms that have a consistent dividend stream, the sort of shares you purchase will be determined by your investing objectives.

The majority of investors search for companies with good fundamentals, such as a track record of steady profits growth, a strong market position, or goods or services with the potential for future expansion. These should create a sturdy foundation upon which future stock price growth may be built.


Having said that, there are other variables that might push up a company’s share price, such as rumors of a takeover. Recovery plays, in which a slashed share price indicates the possibility of a price increase, are another type of investment that might pique the interest of investors.


The Secure Exchanges To Stand Amazon Share Purchases In The UK 

It should not come as a surprise to hear that several brokers in the United Kingdom will enable you to purchase Amazon shares given that the company currently has one of the greatest market capitalizations in the world. However, this does not imply that every broker is a viable option to think about.


You should, on the other hand, spend time looking into the different sorts of fees and charges that the platform charges, the different payment methods that are supported, and, most importantly, whether or not the brokerage possesses a license issued by the FCA.


Considering that into consideration, We have provided a list of respected stockbrokers in the United Kingdom that enable buyers to shop for Amazon shares internet.


There are more than 2000 asset CFDs available with eToro, including Amazon. This broker has a very competitive pricing structure because you don’t have to pay any charges or yearly fees when you buy shares.


eToro is one of the few platforms that let you buy stocks in the conventional sense as well as trade CFDs on them. You may utilize eToro’s 1:5 leverage to execute larger bets by speculating on the price falling through the use of CFD trading.


You may interact with other traders on eToro because it is known for being a communal trading platform. ‘CopyPortfolio,’ a popular tool that lets you replicate the whole portfolios of top-performing investors, is one of its many creative copy trading tools.

The minimum deposit is $10, which equates to about £7.60 in the UK. Even though Amazon shares are currently worth well over $3,000 apiece, using eToro does not need you to buy the entire company. eToro, on the other hand, enables fractional share trading, which means you can acquire a ‘fraction’ of an Amazon share for just $10.


In terms of protecting your money, the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC have regulated eToro, so your money is secure and sound. eToro also has a great stock trading app, which you can use to purchase Amazon shares on the smartphone.

Consider as a viable alternative to eToro, if you can find it. As a result of the platform’s low fees and stringent regulations, has a stellar reputation among traders. There are a number of regulatory bodies, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASI), and CySEC.


With, investors may pick from a wide variety of assets because the broker specializes in CFD trading in the UK. Over 3500 stock CFDs, 30 stock index CFDs, and 100 ETFs are included in this package. Interestingly, also provides genuine stock trading — while both actual equities and CFDs are commission-free to trade. Liquid assets often have a narrow spread, so investors should be aware of this.

Using a credit or debit card, transfer funds, or an e-wallet, you may make a $20 (£15.20) deposit with allows you to fund your profile in 5 distinct base currencies, including PayPal and Apple Pay. does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals.


Clients have a choice of trading platforms, including web-based, mobile, and even MetaTrader 4. (for those interested in forex trading UK). In order to do equities research, the browser-based platform provides real-time current prices and a variety of technical indicators. A variety of order kinds are available, as well as the ability to establish email notifications on the app.

Smart Tips To Buy Amazon Stocks 

Account Creation 

To purchase Amazon stock, you’ll need to create a new account with a licensed brokerage, regardless of your experience level with stock market investing.


It’s a competitive business, and services for DIY traders come in a variety of formats, from online platforms managed by the largest names in financial products to trading apps that run on your phone or tablet.

Exploring The Trading Background Of Amazon Shares 

Amazon Inc’s stock symbol is AMZN. It trades from 9.30am to 4pm upon that technology-focused Nasdaq marketplace in the US (Eastern Time). Most brokerage accounts should allow you to buy US stocks.


Unless you fund the transaction with US dollars, there is a 1% foreign exchange fee.


If you want to trade US stocks often, it’s worth comparing the costs offered by different brokers.


You will be requested to fill out a W-8BEN form (eligible for three years) to reduce withholding tax on qualified US dividends and capital gains from 30% to 15%. Buying US stocks exposes you to currency risk. If the pound rises versus the dollar, your stocks fall in value (and vice versa).


Unless held inside an Individual Savings Account and Self-Invested Personal Pension, any profit on US shares is subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Personal Analysis 

Comparing Amazon’s valuation to that of other similar UK technology businesses is also worthwhile. The price-earnings ratio is a good indicator of future growth forecasts, and a premium price ratio indicates a strong belief in the company’s prospects.


Brokers’ 12-month share price estimates, which may be seen on financial websites, are another important resource for market researchers. Nearly 50 brokers watch Amazon stocks, and their price estimates offer a sense of the company’s upside and downside over the next 12 months.

Reviewing Current Performance Of Amazon Shares 

It doesn’t matter if you have a large number of stocks or just a few, it’s critical to keep an eye on how each one is doing on a regular basis.


This provides you a chance to look at your holdings and see whether you need to make any changes – whether it’s to keep things the same, acquire more stock, or trade current shares.


Picking Up An Investing Plan 

One of the most common ways people invest is to make one big purchase, or to spread out their investments over a longer period of time.


To put it another way, it’s known as “pound-cost averaging,” a stock market strategy that allows you to spend less per stock on average while the market is falling. Investors may put their money to work right away rather than waiting for a large quantity to accumulate. However, if the share inflation rate rises, you may lose out on capital gains and incur higher share-trading expenses if you choose to drip-feed your investment.

Order Placement 

Your investment profile or trading app should be logged in when you’re ready to buy Amazon stock. Enter the ticker symbol (AMZN) for Amazon and the amount of shares (or money) you wish to purchase.


In addition to a’stop loss’, many brokerages now provide the ability to restrict your losses in the event of a decline in the share price. For instance, if you bought shares at £10 and put a stop – loss order of £9, your stocks would be liquidated if the stock price fell below £9, restricting your possible loss to 10%.

Unveiling The Perks Of Buying Amazon Shaes In The UK 

The High Territory Rate Of Amazon Stocks 

Not only will swing traders be swarming Amazon at the moment of writing, but the trend has continued to point up. Amazon’s shares are now trading barely below their all-time high trading price of $3731.41 set in July 2021, to be precise.


Consider the market effect of the COVID-19 epidemic, with some of the biggest companies losing 30-50 percent of their value, and it becomes much more intriguing. Because of the trend toward e-commerce platforms, there is no possibility that Amazon’s triumphs will stop anytime soon – therefore it will be intriguing to watch how higher it can go in the following weeks and months!

Consistent Upgradation Of Retailing 

A fast-rising company like Tesla would ordinarily be blamed for stock market gains comparable to those Amazon has had in the last several years. Although Amazon and its major business model, online shopping, have been in existence since 1994.


When you throw in the pandemic’s effect on pent-up demand, it’s clear that Amazon will prosper in this scenario. Revenue increased by 9% year-over-year in Q4 2021, while net income reached $14.3 billion, more than twice the amount earned in Q4 2020.


The Uncanny Customer Support System 

If Amazon wants to maintain its position at the top of the online retail market, customer loyalty is a must. When you look at the data linked with its Prime membership service, this is especially true. Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States had a 93 percent engagement levels for the first year, climbing to 98 percent in the second year, according to Digital Commerce 360 statistics. This proves that Amazon’s consumers are incredibly devoted to the company.


More than six in ten customers of Prime are either doubtful or extremely unlikely to terminate their subscription, according to Bank of America. While 6 percent of respondents stated they were considering cancelling, this is actually a 2 percent decrease over the year prior’s poll.


Amazon’s online retail business is thriving, but don’t overlook the company’s other cutting-edge initiatives. So, the company has lately joined the online grocery sector. After investing heavily in Deliveroo and securing a significant stake in the company, Amazon is extending its super-fast half-hour delivery timings. Additionally, the bulk of its Prime customers will no longer have to pay a $15 monthly subscription. To further its efforts to recruit new customers, Amazon is likely to increase the number of its Prime users in the years to come.


AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing service, made $62.2 billion in annual revenue for the year 2021. According to Google’s cloud computing sector, it’s more than treble what they accomplished. A new set of things to watch in the future years includes Amazon’s increased reliance on artificial intelligence and unmanned delivery.

The Final Verdict 

Those who invested in Amazon at the beginning of the company’s journey are now looking at six-figure returns. In spite of the disappointment, it may not be too late for you to join in. A lot of market analysts believe Amazon’s NASDAQ stock is one of the greatest investments right now because its price is sitting just below the company’s all-time highs for the year 2021.


That’s why our recommendation is to go with a well-known trading firm if you want to buy Amazon stock as soon as you possibly can while also being secure and saving money. The FCA license and sophisticated copy trading solutions ensure the safety of your investments and future trading endeavors with a 0% commission.


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