Houscarers.Com: Will They Really Look Out For Your Property? Yes!


We all know that traveling does cost a good bit, and the 2 primary offenders are typically airfares and accommodation. It’s not unusual to find 3 star restaurants or flats charging approximately $100 and higher for a night, often leading you to shake your head and question what worth it gives you.

Free bottled water? Free breakfast which includes bread, butter, cereals and milk? And maybe wonderful views into the tower in the next square? As you analyze your options, you quickly grow a dread as the cost adds up.

Let’s do the arithmetic for a minute.

$100 each night, 10 nights holiday, and that’s a 1,000 bucks taken out from your trip budget. This Housecarers evaluation will teach you how to address this problem. After reading this post, you will become the guru of traveling and lodging for free!

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Why Do You Need Housecarers.Com? 

Let’s first take a look at what home sitting is all about before moving on to Housecarers.

Anyone ever asked you to care for their house while they’re away on vacation, be it a neighbor or a relative? Perhaps you’ve tried to find someone to house-sit for you when you were away from the house. Maybe you wanted someone to watch over your animals while you were away?

Whichever scenario you fit into, the truth remains that getting assistance in these situations can be difficult, especially if you’ve been on the road for a long time. In the end, We don’t think an aunt would indeed be ready to come in every day, even for three days, for the entire two-week period.

Because they worry their pets won’t be as happy as they’d be at home with their owners, many pet owners prefer not to board their animals at a pet hotel. On top of that, not all pet owners feel comfortable leaving their animals in the care of a pet hotel, therefore a pet hotel is a no-go.

Diving-In Into The Basics Of Housecarers.Com 

For homeowners, house sitters come to the rescue. The website that connects homeowners with house sitters and pet sitters is called Housecarers. In addition to being the largest and most well-known platform of their sort, they have also been around for the longest.

While vacationing, many homeowners are looking for trustworthy persons to take care of their houses and pets when they are gone. Potential housesitters such as yourself can apply to “jobs” they offer on the platform by submitting their qualifications. You’ll get free lodging for the length of the house-sitting assignment in exchange.

As a bonus, you’ll get to remain in a genuine local’s house and get a real sense of what life is like in the country you’re visiting.

Many of the advertisements also ask for pet lovers, since pet owners often require someone to watch over their animals while they are gone. House Sitting through Housecarers is a great option if you’re a pet lover!

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Why Is Free Lending Of Homes Preferred By Homeowners? 

Using Housecarers to find a house sitter is a popular choice for many property owners. Let’s take a closer look at the causes for this.

High costs

Costs that could be prohibitive. Homeowners should expect to pay $25 or more for a drop-in visit with simple tasks, while overnight stays are significantly more expensive. Imagine how much this would cost over the course of a two-week vacation.

Busy schedules of known ones

There may be family members or friends who are willing to lend a hand, but it may be tough to coordinate their schedules, especially if they are on vacation. A stress-free holiday is, after all, something that everyone desires.

The pets just don’t allow

When it comes to boarding their pets, many owners aren’t keen about it. Traveling with dogs can be challenging, but pet owners don’t want to leave their animals in a kennel or hotel, where they would be exposed to an unfamiliar environment. This causes unnecessary pressure on the animals, as well as a significant increase in the owner’s financial burden.

Security issues

The importance of security. Having to live in constant fear of your home while on vacation may be extremely stressful. To begin with, it will be deserted, making it a prime target for trespassers. Second, as your mail begins to build up, it serves as a cue for criminals to enter your home and commit crimes. Three: the simplest of household tasks, such as dusting, raking, and even simply opening the windows and doors, aren’t being done.

Thus it makes complete sense for owner occupiers to allow you, the housesitter, to rent their property for free in return for a few simple tasks. Neither of you will lose out in this deal.

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The Supporting Regions Of Housecarers.Com 

Housecarers has been in operation since 2000 and has a presence in a number of different nations. However, because the idea of housesitting is more prevalent in Western countries, you will most likely discover more ads in regions such as Australia, Europe, and the United States than in other countries.

It is possible to find chances in other nations as well, so take use of the searching filter to see what is available.

How Can You Become Eligible For Signing Up On Housecarers.Com? 

Is it possible for you to work as a housesitter right now? What is the procedure for applying? Joining the platform is free as long and you’re not in the company of housesitting and therefore do not seek remuneration for your house sitting services.

According to what we can tell, there are many satisfied housesitters on the site, and many of them have gone on to become long-term house sitters while traveling the world. The majority of these individuals are retirees.

We must reiterate that you will not be compensated for your services as a housesitter! All you will receive in terms of “money” is complimentary lodging.

So, do you think you’re qualified? If this is the case, visit Housecarers.com to create a profile for yourself!

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The Requisites For New Members 

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to apply to any of available housesit ads. You should study the ad criteria attentively because the advertiser will set their objectives in their ad.

These are some of the most common requests to receive:

They do the same things you do at home, such as feeding and walking the pet dog/cat/gecko/fish either once two twice a day and cleaning the pool/lawn.

To get a better sense of what to expect, you can look through listings that have already been fulfilled. It’s just a simple matter of scrolling down and clicking on the “Historical Houses” link.

To be clear, you shouldn’t count on receiving other necessities like food or a paycheck in most cases. You’ve been warned, and it’s very clear what you can and cannot expect.

The Pricing Model 

Joining Housecarers is completely free, whether you’re a housesitter or a homeowner. As a landowner, you have the ability to post listings and contact with other members at no cost.

In the shoes of a housesitter, you have the option of signing up for a free membership or upgrading to an Associate participation for an additional $50 per year.

Unleashing The Perks Of Memberships 

As a free member, you’ll receive e-mail notifications of new housesitting openings. Housesitting possibilities will also be available to you at your convenience. It’s possible to discover a house-sitting opportunity by creating a profile, which will be visible to the community.

Only a brief description of the message will appear on your screen. A Full subscription is required to see the entire message.

You can now utilize the Housecarers message system to connect with homeowners if you have a Full membership. In order to communicate with homeowners in a confidential and safe manner, this is the preferred method of communication.

Alternatively, you can provide the homeowner with your personal phone number so that they can get in touch with you. Having a personal library of information about yourself and your previous house-sitting experiences can allow homeowners to learn more about who you are.

You can include up to 14 images on your profile, which provides you an advantage because people are more likely to click on profiles with photos. As a result, the homeowners feel more secure because they know exactly who they are working with.

To help you keep track of your current and prior house sitting assignments, we’ll provide you with a handy calendar. Possibly be featured as a housesitter. This is a completely random process that changes according to where you are in the world.

If you have a verified phone number or passport ID, show it off. In a way, this option is like Airbnb’s, and we think it’s critical since it provides the homeowner confidence in allowing you to house sit for them.

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The Pros Of Housecarers.Com

  • Membership is $50 per year, which is a reasonable price.
  • Homeowners can use a safe website to communicate.
  • The most experienced housesitting platform, dating back to the year 2000.
  • Many different house-sitting possibilities might be found at any one time.
  • Get to know the area by staying at a local residence.
  • Beautiful houses where you can stay for free while on vacation
  • You can have a lot of fun with all kinds of animals, even those that seem out of the ordinary, like llamas.

The Drawbacks Of Housecarers.Com 

  • There are a lot of listings in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and they may be in the suburbs.
  • The site’s design is basic and somewhat old, but it does its job.
  • You may face stiff competition from other house sitters, so you’ll want to put some time and effort into building a strong online presence.

The Bottom Line 

Global house sitting is an exciting new way to tour the world, so why not give it a shot now? You may get started by signing up with Housecarers, which costs $50.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on house-sitting in other countries. Is that something you’d like to try? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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