Horoscope Software Review 2022: Unlocking The Future!


Suppose you’re going for a critical employment interview on the following day. Your résumé looks great now that you’ve worked hard on it. Checked your car’s fuel level, set all of your alarms and returned home from the laundromat. To put it another way, you’ve done everything you can to increase your chances of landing the job you want.


It was only later in the evening that you were urged to leave your residence two hours early by one of your colleagues, a tarot card reading. She claims that if you apply for the job at the specified time period, it will be in your favor. Following her advice, you decide to leave 2 hours earlier than usual. And what’s more? The job of your dreams has finally come your way.


It’s up to the reader to conjecture as to whether or not the card reading helped you land the job. You don’t mind enlisting the assistance of an astrologer in order to increase your chances of landing the job. You’re not the only one who feels this way.


Astrology is a popular belief among 30 percent of American people. Despite the fact that this does not represent a clear vast majority of people, the majority of the people do not have a different view. Many people have yet to make up their minds on astrology, therefore they may be open to using astrological software.


Why Do You Need Horoscope Software? 

When it comes to receiving what we want, we’ve become accustomed to having it done right away rather than waiting for it to arrive. A contentious topic like astrology falls within this category. The days of making a special trip to that of an astrologer to discover one’s destiny are long gone. One of the best-kept secrets of worldwide internet markets is the astrological consultation marketplace!


Today’s normal customer would pull their phone from their pocket, look for an astrology application, and install it in order to receive a quick horoscope tailored to their own characteristics. The number of potential customers you’re missing out on if you run an astrological business and haven’t gone digital is staggering.


However, if you really have a business in astrology, the aforementioned reasoning solely applies to you. The following factors should help you create up your decision regarding developing an astrology app or beginning your own astrological business.


Pro Software For Desktop 

Solar Fire

We recommend that newcomers to astrology who intend to utilize a personal computer select Solar Fire as their software of choice. This is due to the fact that it is the most popular, which means that you will most probably be able to readily obtain free help from a partner who is already utilizing it. 


You won’t be disappointed with this option because Solar Fire is a powerful application that has all the hooks and whistles you could ever want. In the beginning, Solar Fire was really only accessible on personal computers, however, the developers have now released a version of the game called AstroGold that is compatible with macOS. AstroGold is an application that can be used on Apple Macs and is also available as a mobile app.



Win*Star is an excellent alternative to Solar Fire for computer users who are searching for a program with an interface that is both simpler and more aesthetically pleasing. Even while it does not have all of the functions that Solar Fire or Sirius does, it does have several features that the other applications do not have. 


The pictorial aspect viewer is one among them. This actually a way for you to click any planet in a column, and it highlights the features in the chart based on the orbs that you’ve set.


Win*Star is among the first software applications designed specifically for astrologers. It provides quick access to a number of the developer Michael Erlewine’s preferred methods, such as “burn rate,” midpoints, and “Lilly strengths” (planets currently rank by strength in accordance with William Lilly’s guidelines). Win*Star was among the first software programs designed specifically for astrologers.


As a student at Astrology University, you are eligible to receive a discount on the purchase of Win*Star by entering one of the following codes at checkout:

Win*Star Extended: $200 (Code: THWSTAREXTAU)

Win*Star Pro: $325 (Code: THWSTARPROAU)


It is possible that Sirius is the most resilient program currently available. And if you want to do research on charts, this is the finest decision you can make because it includes not only the full Astrodatabank database but also many more charts – at the latest count, there were over 50,000 charts! You are able to search using any criteria you can conceive of, including declination, which happens to be one of my personal favorites.


You, as a student at Astrology University, are eligible to get a discount on the purchase of Sirius by using the accompanying code at checkout:

Siriusv3: $500 (Code: THSIRIUSAU)


The Cloud-Based Applications 

LUNA Astrology


LUNA is a Cloud-based astrology software that can be used on any platform imaginable, including personal computers (PC and Mac), mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook), and even Linux-based PCs.


Because it is cloud-based, you have the option of paying a modest monthly membership fee or saving money by purchasing an annual plan. You are able to use LUNA on an unlimited number of systems at the same time, and there are no restrictions on the number of charts you may store.


LUNA has real-time chart animation, supports the installation of mobile apps, and possesses a very streamlined and user-friendly user interface. It performs much of the same activities as desktop software, but it is hosted entirely in the clouds and costs significantly much less than desktop versions.

Pro Software For iOs Users 



The Mac version of Astro*Gold is the superior software alternative. When compared to the user interfaces of the other astro software solutions, this one has one of the best designs there is. It is uncluttered and straightforward, and its learning curve is flatter than that of the more feature-packed alternatives. The vast majority of astrologers will find that AstroGold contains all they want, including the capability to quickly and easily create transit and advancement biwheels with only a couple of clicks.


It is an excellent option because the project team is continually working to introduce new features.


Time Passages

Since its inception, Time Passages has indeed been compatible with Macs. In addition to that, it is one of the astrological software applications that is easiest to use. What might be difficult to understand on your own can be easily clarified with the assistance of their wonderful support service.


When running charts, Time Passages is experiencing some difficulties using their Atlas, which itself is utilized to compute the appropriate time zone.


Astrology For Days – A Treat For iOs & Android Users 

Magical friends don’t let magical pals use non-magical calendars! Astrology for Days is a transit tracking calendar that may be customized to meet the needs of professional astrologers as well as students of astrology of all skill levels. It is a streamlined and simplified application for tracking the transits and supporting your astrological workflow by providing accurate transit calculations at your fingertips on any platform (phone, desktop, tablet).


In addition to presenting the daily journeys, the application includes an ephemeris, a space for making an unlimited number of notes, and the capability to change the color of the calendar.

The Bottom Line 

The ancient art of astrology, which was originally documented to have been performed by the Babylonians, has recently been making a reappearance. A growing number of younger individuals are becoming interested in the New Age mysticism that may be found in astrological practices. 


By the end of the year 2020, the astrology business had exploded as an increasing number of individuals experimented with horoscopes and the craft of starcraft in an effort to gain insight into their personal destinies. 


More and more people are looking to the constellations in the sky for answers as their daily lives become increasingly fraught with unpredictability. And one could get the impression that astrologers are currently dealing with an uncontrolled demand from customers and have their schedules completely full. 


Consequently, why not get your own horoscope system set up? Nevertheless, you should always do your own study to determine what would serve your requirements in the most effective manner.


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