Freight BrokerFits Review: Does It Assist In Becoming A Freight Broker?



Market interest never stops, so as long as there are individuals on Earth, there will stay a constant market for cargo to be moved. Dissimilar to numerous different ventures, the transportation business has two amazingly significant components with basically NO cutoff points: utilization and creation.


Consistently individuals and organizations purchase, sell and devour items! Guess what? Those items should be transported and consistently cargo specialists control and move increasingly more of the universe’s cargo!


All that you use or devour over time has likely been on a truck at a certain point. Cargo is all over and the interest in transportation will just increment with time. You basically need to know how and where to appear to track down it No, it’s not excessively complicated, yet like anything, there is a correct way and incorrect method for doing it, and the distinction between the two can be either exorbitant or productive!


Dennis Brown is the creator of Freight Broker Boot Camp and the former Chairman of Logistic Dynamics, Inc., one of the fastest-growing shipping companies in North America. He became interested in freight brokers when a buddy asked him a question about them in 2003. Dennis had no clue what freight brokers were, so he became interested in learning how to become one.

Freight BrokerFits official Website

What is the role of a freight broker?

Freight brokers assist clients who require to carry freight from one place to another by locating a carrier (trucking business) prepared to transport the freight for somewhat less than the client is inclined to purchase… thus the word BROKER!


To put it another way, freight brokers, also known as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers, are middlemen that connect available shipper freight with available vehicles for a commission of 10% to 35% for every shipment.


That means brokers normally make between $100 and $500 every shipment, while I’ve made as much as $5,175 per shipment simply by arranging a vehicle to transport the customers’ freight!

What Is Freight Broker Boot Camp Meant For?

The Freight Broker Boot Camp course is for those who are interested in freight brokerage and want to become effective freight brokers or freight broker agents.


The job of freight brokers is to obtain the best value for their clients. This might entail things like negotiating the best pricing and ensuring the finest service, among other things.

Freight BrokerFits official Website

Why do you want to work as a freight broker?

  • To get started, you don’t need any prior expertise!
  • Become a part of a $400 billion expanding business!
  • You can run your business from the comfort of your own home!
  • Very inexpensive initial investment!
  • Huge earning possibilities!
  • Brokering does not necessitate the use of staff!
  • Do business anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the world!
  • It’s simple to migrate; all you need is a phone, an internet connection, and the know-how!
  • Add-on to current freight companies that is simple and profitable!
  • And there’s so much more…
  • To work as a freight broker, you don’t need any prior experience. Almost anybody may become a freight broker with enough dedication and training.

What Do You Require To Be A Freight Broker?

  • Determine if you want to be a broker or an agent.
  • How to cut down on, if not completely eliminate, excessive beginning costs
  • How to Obtain a Freight Broker’s License
  • How can you obtain a freight broker bond or trust?
  • Find out what tools you’ll need to be a successful broker or agent.
  • Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of factoring invoices.
  • Where to look for and contact shippers
  • How to deal with your own and your client’s company credit
  • Finding, negotiating, and contracting with carriers
  • Discover the distinction between co-brokering and double brokering.
  • How to send and monitor your freight effectively
  • How to set up your home office fast and affordably
  • How to Make the Most of Load Boards
  • Freight BrokerFits official Website

Is The Freight Broker Boot Camp Real Program?

Yes. The Freight Broker Boot Camp curriculum can help you learn how to become a freight broker if you’re passionate about becoming one. You might be shocked to learn that your first shipment might earn you anywhere from $100 to $500. You should be determined to understand what is necessary and how to become a successful freight broker.


What Is The Pricing And Refund Policy?

You’ll have to pay $185 annually to join this program. The tools you’ll need to run your firm will be determined by your specific demands and long-term goals. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole section to this topic.


Let’s be honest for a moment: I realize how much money a freight broker can make. I make handsome money doing it every day, and I believe you can as well. So, here’s my personal pledge to you.

Freight BrokerFits official Website

If you’re unhappy with for any reason during the first 60 days, simply ask for the money back and you’ll have it, no questions asked! There are no problems, lags, or arguments, and you get the free ebooks bonus “Think & Grow Rich” as a thank you for offering the online freight broker training programme a fair chance!

What can I expect to earn as a freight broker?

Your income potential is nearly limitless if you are a committed self-starter. While some individuals choose to work on their own, others prefer to network with other agents around the country in order to maximise their earnings. There are just too many factors to take into account for a one-size-fits-all solution. There are part-time agents who make $100 per day and full-time brokers who make several thousand dollars every day. In the end, your amount of ambition determines your level of achievement.

What Are The Incentives Offered In The Freight BrokerFits Program?

1 – Five creatively created website designs for online promoting your company. (Amount: $500)


2 – Gasoline Surcharge Calculator – Quickly determine fuel surcharge rates! – Go ahead and fill in the gaps! (Amount: $200)


3 – Contract Generator – Quickly and easily create professional, completely customizable contracts! (Amount: $250)


4 – Freight Broker Business Plan Sample – This sample design will help you plan your own business. (Amount $150)


5 – Get the free e-book “Think and Grow Rich” to discover how to think like a billionaire! (Value in Millions of Dollars)


6 – 188,000 shipper database (worth $500+)


7 – Carrier Database (Valued at $500+)

Our Final Review

Shipping freight is a complicated process with many moving elements. Small and midsize businesses can achieve a competitive edge by offshoring to a broker like Freight BrokerFits. Large organizations often have the advantage of having a dedicated, in-house shipping department to handle it, but small and midsize enterprises can achieve similar effects by outsourcing to a broker like FreightPros.


Freight BrokerFits is our top suggestion in the freight brokerage sector since it offers reasonable pricing and significantly reduced rates, as well as industry-leading customer service.


For owner-operators and corporate drivers alike, being a freight broker or freight agent is typically the most logical career choice. It enables you to capitalize on your prior expertise and optimize your earning capacity based on what you already know.


Freight BrokerFits official Website

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