Draft Dashboard Review 2022 – Is It Scam or Legit? Let’s Find Out The Truth


Are you looking to know what a Draft Dashboard is? Is Draft Dashboard legit or not? Can you make massive profits with it? 

You may love to play daily creative games but fear the preparation time needed. 

That will be great if there is a system that can collect and analyze player statistics to minutely focus on putting together the accurate lineups. 

The Draft Dashboard is a well-known DFS research program that gathers and priorities the most actionable player data for you. As a player, you can center on configuring the best lineups each day or week because most scanning is already done. 

This tool offers a smooth experience when overseeing DFS research using intelligent design elements and proprietary analytics. You will also understand how to use their platform to generate profitable and winning lineups accurately and efficiently. 

To assist you in making the most accurate and beneficial decision about Draft Dashboard, we have done complete research about it in the last few weeks. So, we can explain to you each and everything you need to know about it. 

In our Draft Dashboard review, we will explain the following topics. 

Draft Dashboard Official Website

What Is The Draft Dashboard Too? 

Draft Dashboard is a web-based tool that scans sports teams’ statistics and keeps track of your choices. This program covers a wide range of fantasy sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. 

Moreover, you wouldn’t have to spend all day doing research anymore. You can get daily updates to assist you in getting closer to winning: 

  • Latest states
  • Accurate and precise classifications and categories
  • Readings, numerous views, and filters
  • Customizable tests 
  • Identify your spot 

How Does Draft Dashboard Work? 

The Draft Dashboard has become the world’s most popular tool. You no longer need to be an expert and understand every single info for every game in every major tournament. 

This tool can assist you in enhancing your picks with ease and comfort rather than manually. If you are arranging to put on different lineups, this means an incredible agreement. 

In addition, you will not need to waste your time trying to find out stats for every single player or visit every review on slates and individual sports that you are searching at joining a lineup too. 

It also helps you win lineups for everyday fantasy games so you can play and enjoy the sport more. 

Draft Dashboard will optimize your fantasy game lineups by providing all the necessary details about the games you like to join, using advanced, powerful algorithms. 

In the interface for the day’s game, you will see the gamers who have been playing during the day, classified by Dash Rank. Besides, the Dash Rank is identified by gathering past scoring history with Everyday fantasy games to detect and rank. A performer’s Dash Rank identifies their opportunities of scoring massive points based on a scale from 0-100. 

Next are matchup rankings, with one being perfect. You could watch 2 DTD below on the left side, green if no fitness issues occurred, and green if the person played at home. 

As per our review, the Draft Dashboard is an excellent indicator of how the sportsperson performs in his recent matches. 

Key Features of Draft Dashboard

Here are the key features of Draft Dashboard given below: 

Simple Lineup Formation With An Appropriate Research Tool 

Research is significant to success in DFS. This program allows you to scan players immediately and accurately to generate more lineups for more contests. 

Offers Information About Best Players For Each Match

Beginning at this week’s best player tool is the final way to commence every session on Draft Dashboard. You can find a list of the best weekly players on the dashboard of Draft Dashboard.

Most probably, a sportsperson with a Dash Rank near 100 will generate high fantasy scores. Numerous factors grant to the robust algorithm like player matchups and statistic history.

Draft Dashboard Official Website

Position’s Analysis To Fill Critical Vacancies 

Using Top Players Tools, the Position Optimizer is position-specific. Its interface can assist you in finding out players with the maximum potential and minimum salary to fill the last seat on your list. 

You can also compare players with the help of Position Optimizer. 

Compare Team-Specific Scores For An Upcoming Event

Draft Dashboard permits you to perform team-specific analysis using the Browse Teams tool. The following stats are available: 

  • Charts 
  • Main Injuries 
  • Player Ratings 
  • Vegas odds
  • Player Incomes

You have to commence your weekly analysis by finding out the team and game-specific metrics, which will assist you in identifying the level of stats. 

Draft Dashboard also explains how the player’s rankings were achieved.

Determining Best Value Plays 

The analysis needed for DFS would not be in-depth if choosing the best players at every spot was straightforward. DFS needs that you become proficient at recognizing sleepers. 

In addition, it is straightforward to identify value plays using the Sleepers and studs feature. 

Streamlining Lineup Formation

The Draft Dashboard shows a starting lineup, player incomes, and Dash Rank when you generate an optimized lineup. Besides, the players can use arbitrarily more lineups, secure them, and adjust their roster. 

Access Crucial Player Metrics 

You will see different indicators that go into calculating a player’s Dash Rank. Drill-Down is designed straightforward with no requirement to access separate dashboards. You can get a considerable amount of time with it. 

Player’s Up-gradation Process is Seamless 

Lineup Optimizer can make positional upgrades immediately. You can evaluate players and improve your lineups with only a few clicks. 

Unlike other  Lineup Optimizers, you do not need to browse thousands of lineups manually to determine one with potential. One of the fastest ways to build lineups is by swapping out particular players. 

Why Draft Dashboard Unique From Others? 


The Draft Dashboard offers a ranking of the top players based on Dash Rank’s advanced algorithm. This tool scans upcoming fixtures and vital DFS statistics. In addition, sportspersons are assigned a “Dash Rank” from 0 to 100, where 0 is the bad and 100 is the best. 

Dash Rank algorithm also measures a player’s chances of scoring fantasy points. Different color such as green, yellow or red is ornamented around each Dash Rank. 

Draft Dashboard Official Website

Lineup Optimizer 

Lineup Optimizer is one of the best features of Draft Dashboard, as it includes some unique and excellent features. It displays you with every player’s entire roster, income details, and Dash Ranks. It allows you to make a new roster and save it or make more improvements to it. 

Lineup Optimizer also offers all the essential details and tools to allow you to make your entry more effective without leaving your dashboard. This top-level convenience saves your vital time. 

Watchlist of Players 

Draft Dashboard’s lineup optimizers can be used in numerous ways than the process mentioned above. You can choose players from a limited pool rather than having the optimizer create lineups from the entire collection of players. 

If you want to make your lineups this way, you need to choose one of the best players today tools. With their DashRank, these instruments display the best players by rank. 

Studs and Sleepers 


In the studs tool, those players are listed who have averaged the most fantasy points per game this past week. Users can trust them for highly reliable fantasy performance rather than risking their season. One star must be in each lineup. 


As compared to their salary-driven opponents, sleepers surpass their low-income counterparts. Using this tool is perfect when you are short on salary and unable to bring another player into your lineup. 

Educational Videos 

Draft Dashboard’s features have been described in short educational videos. These instructional videos are very informative and helpful. A few of them are: 

  • Lineup Optimizer
  • Position Optimizer 
  • Browse Teams
  • Identify Sleepers and Studs 
  • Locked and Watched Sportspersons

Draft Dashboard Official Website

Browse Teams

Browse Teams permits you to get details about all the teams playing on a solid slate. Here is the list: 

  • Match Situations
  • Over or Under 
  • Depth Chart 
  • Player Income
  • Player Injury 
  • Player state in the batting order 


Numerous Helpful Tools To Make High-Performance Lineups 

Using Draft Dashboard tools, you can consistently streamline your research process. You will find beneficial players at both ends, like the sleepers and studs page. Using Lineup Optimizer, you can make productive and top-level lineups based on your research. 

Easy-to-use Dashboard 

Draft Dashboard offers a color ranking system that allows you to judge a player at first sight. It is straightforward to build lineups after analyzing players. In addition, its dashboard is user-friendly and looks excellent even when you are on any device. 

High Pricing For Multi-Sport Players

Unlike other DFS platform packages, the Draft Dashboard price point is affordable at $39.95 per month. The analysis and optimization instruments are comparable to similar devices in the same box. 

However, if you play DFS across different games, it’s the particular best deal. 


Draft Dashboard is very easy-to-use even novice users will have no issue using it. 

Great Customer Service

There is nothing better than the help of a professional support team when you use the platform, and it is there 24/7 to help with any queries or concerns you may face. 

Who Can Use Draft Dashboard? 

In the Draft Dashboard tool, all the stats are essential to creating flourishing, beneficial lineups to organize in one place. These tools comprehensively minimize the amount of time crucial to generate competitive entries by including a lineup optimizer. 

Both new and experienced alike can make use of this program. Experienced players will like tightening up their lineups and boosting their team’s payouts and scoring. Besides, newbies will enjoy how simple it is to use. 

In addition, the DFS optimizer includes frequent updates to scores, the latest information, and player details. 

Draft Dashboard Official Website

Draft Dashboard Pricing 

As per our review, DFS earnings can definitely be ordered by subscription costs. Hence, it only makes reason to select an affordable instrument and allows you to explore the platform to your heart’s content. 

With Draft Dashboard, it is just one dollar for 30 days. It will give you an excellent opportunity to learn the platform, execute it in your matches, and guarantee that it generates excellent results. 

Is Draft Dashboard Legit or a Scam? 

Draft Dashboard is definitely not a scam. It is a 100% legit tool designed by a registered company for playing fantasy games. The platform is operating pretty well and does what it says it will. The Draft Dashboard has been working since 2015 and has a huge fan following. 

This tool charms player who have been playing for years. You can get access to their entire platform suite, and Draft Dashboard is accessible for just $1 for a whole month. 

Lastly, remember that DFS can offer you numerous earning opportunities, as there is plenty of money to be made in the industry. 

Draft Dashboard Review 2022: Final Thoughts 

 We have concluded that Draft Dashboard offers you easy-to-follow insights, tools, and depth charts. You will be able to attain precious fantasy sports data while keeping the fun of it. In the last years, if players wanted to play DFS, they had to spend a whole day preparing or had to slide with development and lose hard-earned money. But, using the Draft Dashboard tool, that is no longer the issue. 

Furthermore, Draft Dashboard includes a comprehensive lineup optimizer, enabling GPP- winning entries to be generated in a matter of a few minutes. 

Lastly, this tool offers analysis tools for those who appreciate the grind of lineup construction and maintenances them excellently all in one place. 

Draft Dashboard allows a free one-month trial with full access to help beginners. 

Get started with Draft Dashboard and begin to earn money. 


Draft Dashboard Official Website


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