Doodleoze Review: Is This Software Useful In Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos?


Doodleoze Review: Is This Software Useful In Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos?

Doodle Videos are created for animated marketing or training videos. Whiteboard Animation Videos is another word they use. Doodle videos are a unique type of animation that displays a hand drawing of a cartoon while a voice reads your marketing message. The combination of listening to the marketing message while seeing the hand-draw the sketch keeps viewers digesting and viewing more of the information you want to convey.


Nowadays, viewers are bombarded with so many marketing messages that you must do a variety of things to keep them watching. Doodle Videos are one of the most effective and memorable methods to communicate your business message. Here, we’re reviewing Doodleoze. Let’s dive into it. 

Doodleoze Official Website

Why Create Doodle Videos?

Doodleoze starts with simple forms, such as a circle, square, or triangle, and gradually progresses to something more recognized. It’s a technique for cultivating mindfulness, de-stressing, and processing tough emotions. Doodle films are wonderful for aiding your business on a higher level through Doodle videos since they are safety valves for discharging unpleasant sentiments and emotions. According to certain studies, extremely creative doodle films allow consumers’ thoughts to operate as optimistic minds and generate attention.

What Is Doodleoze?

Doodleoze is a brand-new doodle video maker that focuses on letting you produce attention-getting, professional-looking explainer, sales, and training films in minutes.


Video is without a doubt the most effective tool to fascinate, engage, and explain a product or service. That doodle video will also assist you in generating more leads and revenues. But why there’s a need for any tool or spend hundreds of dollars on specialized software that takes days to master to make a doodle movie? Or it could be far worse. Pay THOUSANDS 

of dollars to an outsourcer for your next doodling video.

Doodleoze Official Website

They’ve seen a lot of demand for video, especially doodle video, over the last several years. Everything is done through doodle videos. Using social media to spread your message To put a product or service on display. Create compelling sales films to help you close more deals. The purpose of the doodle video is simple: to help you engage, explain, and motivate your visitors to take action. It might be as simple as typing their email addresses or taking their credit card out of their wallet. Doodle videos, such as the one you’re seeing right now, are used to do this. I’d like to introduce you to Doodleoze!


Doodleoze is a doodle animating video creation program that comes equipped with everything you need to create an amazing doodle whiteboard, green board, blackboard, and cupboard doodle animation video clips in minutes. We’ve been recommending Doodleoze whiteboard animation creators to all of our clients and readers recently.


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Doodleoze Official Website

Amazing Features Of Doodleoze

Let me highlight a few of the amazing Doodleoze software’s standout features.

1. Easy 3-step procedure

The process of generating films with Doodleoze is as simple as it gets, and it only takes a minute to complete. It does not need any previous drawing experience or even technological expertise. All a user has to do is drag and drop doodles from the doodle library, add any sound or music, and produce the same, and that’s all! It is a pretty easy tool to create, and it does not require much time.

2. Endless Videos

The Doodleoze program allows you to create an unlimited number of videos. There aren’t many restrictions.

3. Industrial Rights

The commercial license is included in the software program purchase at no additional cost. That means you may sell the movies made by Doodleoze animation software to your customers while keeping 100% of the profits.

4. No Technical Skills Required

You don’t need any technical skills to create whiteboard (or maybe other) animation movies using the Doodleoze programme. To create an excellent conversion-boosting animated video, all you have to do is follow the three easy steps.

5. Make Unlimited Videos

You can make unlimited videos as there is no restriction to how many videos one can make; the option and decision are entirely theirs. It’s up to them whether they want to make two or a hundred. This is advantageous since, with some doodle video generators, the number of creations is restricted by the pricing package.

6. Downloadable Program

The program is not accessible as a web-based application, but it is downloaded so that users may enjoy the convenience of using it offline. If you’re concerned that it won’t operate with your Windows or Mac, be assured that this is not the case; it is quite interoperable with both.

7.  Free V1 Updates For Lifetime

You’ve paid it for the month when you pay it for the month. Whatever occurs, they will not charge you for any updates; everything is completely free. This is an excellent feature of the tool since all users have access to the same updates, regardless of their location.

8. 500+ Doodle Sketch Professional Images

On Doodleoze, there are more than 500 doodle sketch pictures to choose from, and all users have to do is drag & drop them into their films. These designs are quite useful, and they are mostly responsible for facilitating speedy work. Users can, for example, utilize these doodles to finish the first phase of their films.

9. 245+ Text Animation Options

There are over 245-word animations accessible, which users may browse through all of Doodleoze’s collections and select from to utilize in their film. It adds variety to all of the videos and ensures that they don’t appear the same every time. The effects are also rather nice, and you can personalize it in any manner you want.

Doodleoze Official Website

What Benefits Does It Provide?

Doodleoze’s cutting-edge technology not only allows you to create the best doodle films imaginably, but it also includes benefits that have never been seen before in a single doodle movie maker app:


  • Green board, whiteboard, and blackboard glass board are easy to construct and take only a few minutes.
  • In three simple steps, this more natural doodle video maker creates stunning doodle sketch films that capture attention and turn visitors into purchasers.
  • There are no technical requirements, however, you should have some experience making doodle films.
  • Make as many doodle films as you like without any limitations.
  • You may either create for yourself or for clients.
  • Special price is available.
  • Desktop software for Mac and Windows is available for download.
  • Free for the rest of your life Version 1 has been updated.
  • 500 high-quality doodle sketch pictures
  • There are around 250-word animations with a variety of effects.
  • There are over 310 typefaces to choose from.

How Much Does Doodleoze Cost?

Doodleoze has a simple price structure. For its doodle video animation program, this video production tool now provides two sorts of licensing fees.


  • Only $47 for a Doodleoze personal license. This is a one-time payment that is backed by a 14-day refund guarantee.
  • Only $67 for a business license of Doodleoze. This is a one-time payment that is backed by a 14-day refund guarantee.

Last Thoughts

This is a program that makes creating doodle films easier, faster, and less expensive. It offers a lot of features and is well appreciated. So, if you’ve been looking for software to help you generate doodle films or to get you started with your video marketing plan, I strongly advise you to buy this program. This video editing program is user-friendly and simple to use, and it saves you a lot of time and money. You may also purchase this program and use it to earn money by providing services to customers. So, with that stated, I hope you acquire this program and the finest it has to offer.


Doodleoze Official Website

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