Does Zantac Lawsuit Claim Center Serve As A Legal Regulatory System? 


According to the claims filed against Zantac, the product may contain trace amounts of N-nitrosodimethylamine, a chemical known to cause cancer (NDMA).


Our legal practice is currently taking on new clients who have been treated for cancer after taking Zantac.


Since our founding in 1955, we have represented clients in court against pharmaceutical corporations. Each year, we instruct 1,500 legal professionals on how to successfully manage matters like these. Both The National Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame and Best Lawyers in America have included our firm in their respective directories.


The Fundamentals Of Zantac Lawsuit Claim Center 

Zantac (ranitidine), a popular over-the-counter and prescription heartburn medication, was found to contain the carcinogenic contaminant N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) on September 13th, according to the FDA.


Because of NDMA contamination, the FDA announced that all prescription and over-the-counter Zantac heartburn medications should be removed off the market immediately in April 2020.


Lawsuits involving Zantac began in the state of California in 2019. Sanofi & Boerhringer Ingelheim are accused of manufacturing, promoting, and selling goods that were tainted with only an industrial chemical linked to cancer in this suit.


An investigation is ongoing to determine the specific source of the NDMA contamination. Zantac’s active ingredient, ranitidine, was linked to NDMA at the time it was developed and marketed by Boerhringer Ingelheim and Sanofi, according to scientific study. Chemical reactions that occur when ranitidine comes into contact with water result in the creation of NDMA.


There was no reason to hide any of this information from the government or consumers, even when it was readily available.


An MDL for Zantac was established in federal court in Florida in February 2020. As part of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and the MDL’s Science Committee, our law firm has a seat at the table. On May 16, 2022, the MDL had more than 2,000 pending cases.


Creating an MDL seems to be the initial stage in the lawsuit process that leads to settlement discussions. It is only after an MDL is created that meaningful settlement discussions begin.


Why Do You Need A Zantac Injury Claim Center?

In 1955, our legal company first began representing clients in matters involving personal injuries. Today, we have earned a reputation across the country as a preeminent leader in cases involving injuries caused by drugs. We have been awarded more than 150 jury verdicts of at least $1 million, and the total amount of money we have obtained from jury judgments and settlements exceeds $30 billion.


The judge who is handling the federal claims involving Zantac has appointed us to serve on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee as well as the chairman of the Science Committee. This indicates that we are immediately participating in the research and discovery that is being conducted on a national scale, which will hopefully end in a beneficial outcome for the persons who have been harmed as a result of this medicine.


We are the ones who started the company known as Mass Torts Made Perfect. At this annual event, which is held at a national conference and is attended by 1,500 attorneys, we instruct attendees on how to properly manage litigation filed against pharmaceutical firms.


What Are The Compensation Criteria Offered By Zantac Lawsuits?


If you used Zantac and were later found to have cancer, so they will pursue the following forms of compensation for you as appropriate:


  • Costs incurred in the past and in the future for treatment of injuries sustained.
  • The past and future (both physically and mentally) pain and suffering that the injuries, as well as the process of treatment and recovery, have caused.
  • Loss of wages in the past and in the future.
  • Loss of earning potential in the past and in the future
  • Loss of pleasure in life, both in the past and in the future
  • Punitive damages, if applicable.


The Fee Structure 

Their attorneys offer free, confidential case assessments, and they will never charge you any charges or costs until you are successful in obtaining compensation for your losses.


The percentage of the total amount won that we take as our contingency fee ranges from 20 to 40 percent. The amount that they charge you is determined by the amount that we are able to recover for you.

You can reach them by calling them at (800) 277-1193 to receive a complimentary review of your case. You can also submit a request for an evaluation by going to the Zantac Evaluation Form and selecting the “Free and Confidential” option. One of the attorneys who is working on the Zantac litigation will review this form right away after it has been submitted.


The Implementation Of Liability Laws


Under most state laws, a patient injured through the use of a defective drug can bring a lawsuit based on the following legal theories:

Designing Issue 

When the manufacturing of a drug is done according to the design standards, yet the design of the drug itself makes it ineffective or hazardous;

Construction Defect

When a medicine is designed to be safe but suffers a flaw during the manufacturing process that makes it hazardous or unsafe; and/or

Fail To Aware 

When a drug maker fails to offer proper instructions over the use of a drug or fails to educate the public about the dangers associated with using the drug, the drug is considered to be unsafe or dangerous.


You only have a certain amount of time to bring a legal action against a drug manufacturer before the statute of limitations kicks in, which is enforced in every state. You can get information about the laws that apply to your state from a representative of the legal team.

The Bottom Line 

If you believe that you were affected by Zantac or generic ranitidine that included NDMA, a drug that causes cancer, you may have access to a number of legal avenues that will allow you to seek compensation for your injuries. Nevertheless, each one will bring its own set of difficulties as well as possibilities.


When you retain the services of an experienced Zantac lawyer, you will gain access to a plethora of knowledge, resources, and dedication. It will be quite important to appear in front of a Zantac MDL judge who is strict.


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