Does NewChic Operate As A Reliable E-Commerce Clothing Platform?




In a culture in which fast fashion is dominant, and your next outstanding closet essential is available with the click of a mouse, delivering fashionable trends at cut-rate pricing became a global retail norm.


The internet is making the retail world a smaller place and giving buyers a worldwide global market where they can discover cheap discounts on all kinds of clothes, technology, and home products.


It’s tempting to get swept up in the instant urge to grab a fantastic price, but you really should first stop and analyze if NewChic apparel and accouterments are worth it.

NewChic Operate Official Website

What is NewChic?

China-based NewChic is an online clothing firm specializing in the delivery of high-quality garments and accessories. When compared to the majority of other Chinese internet shops, NewChic strives out of its way to ensure that the quality of the goods they send out is the best it can be. As a result, when compared to other stores, you’ll see that they generally have higher internet reviews.

Where Are The Roots Of Newchic?

When we were looking into the subject of “Is NewChic real,” we looked at the location of the company in question. Our research discovered that, despite the fact that the company advertises a billing location in London, its operating address is actually in Hong Kong.


NewChic Operate Official Website

A second shipping address for refunds was discovered, one in Guangdong, China, that we believe to be the site of the company’s warehouses.


Multiple addresses might undoubtedly be perplexing from a shopper’s standpoint, but it is not unheard of for international fashion companies who sell their products all over the world. As a result, the fact that now the NewChic clothing business has various addresses does not imply that it is not legitimate.


Since the company has been followed by international clients all around the globe. Therefore along with their main site (, the company has also fed their global clients with 


Is NewChic A Genuine Clothing E-Commerce Forum?

As compared to other clothing virtual clothing platforms, NewChic has proved its worth as a total opposite of a ‘scam’. As per our review, it will be fair to say this site leads the list of the top five most authentic and top reviewed platforms. With a speedy shipment, responsive customer care, diverse sections of clothing including home textiles too, NewChic has raised the bars as an e-commerce clothing forums. By the same token, supreme product quality works as a cherry on top as another factor for customers to invest in the forum. 

NewChic Affiliate programs

The NewChic affiliate program provides an opportunity to earn referral fees for people who wish to promote the company and receive a reward. Signing up for the program is completely free.


Affiliates of NewChic can earn up to 16 percent commission for introducing traffic to the company through an affiliate URL. Also available to them are complimentary review samples in exchange for providing a NewChic review.

NewChic Dropship Program

It is designed for website owners who want to retail apparel on this site minus having to deal with the hassles of purchasing products, warehousing inventory, and shipping orders themselves.


In exchange for obtaining unbranded photographs of NewChic clothing, they can request that the company ship straightforwardly to their clients, removing all identifying marks from the product. The proprietor of the reseller website subsequently receives a commission on each item sold.

NewChic Operate Official Website

NewChic Wholesale Program

Distributors that want to take it a step and further purchase NewChic products in quantity to stock in warehouses and sell them either digitally or in a brick and mortar store can participate in the wholesale scheme at no additional cost.


When a reseller purchases NewChic clothes wholesale, they can save up to 35% off an already cheap list pricing, take advantage of exclusive promotions, and obtain access to the company’s online Wholesale Center.


 The Refund And Return Policies 

It is unfortunate that NewChic’s exchange and refund procedures are not always designed with the buyer in mind. The client is responsible for “both the shipping costs we paid to ship the item to you and the shipping costs you paid to ship the item back to us” if the item is returned because it does not contain a manufacturing flaw.


Returns must be performed within 14 days of delivery, and they state that if the merchandise is broken or the size or hue does not match what you bought, you will be eligible for a substitute or a full refund, depending on the situation.


What occurs if you have a different reason for wanting to return something? According to the NewChic return policy, “after evaluating your purchase, we will refund you in accordance with your situation.”


There are also a number of refund restrictions, such as studs and swimsuits, for which they would not issue a credit or exchange. Additionally, things must be returned in their original condition, including unused, unwashed, and with their original tags.


A large number of buyers are faced with scenarios that appear to be scams, in which reclaiming their money in full after purchasing NewChic clothes is either extremely difficult or impossible.

NewChic Operate Official Website

Hear What Customers Say About NewChic

Interestingly, the bulk of good reviews expresses appreciation for the company’s customer service rather than the products themselves. Many customers have reported receiving reimbursements for delayed deliveries or packages that never arrived at their destination.


One of their customers said;

I placed an order for shoes but did not receive them. My happy surprise was that they were able to restore the cash to me without any difficulty. I would recommend this website to anyone looking to shop.


Another one said;

As soon as I emailed a duplicate of my refund postal receipt to NewChic, I received a replacement pair. They were really communicative and responded to each and every correspondence promptly.


Since every picture has two sides to see, the majority of NewChic customer reviews appear to praise the company’s customer service procedures, it’s worth noting that a substantial number of reviewers have complained about shipping troubles with their orders. While the customer support personnel may be excellent, the hassle of coping with missed deliveries may not be worthwhile for certain customers. Though we hope the company is towards solving all the concerns with complete professional and ethical gestures. 

The Final Thoughts 

If you are up for seasonal clothing at an affordable range with a diverse pool of options, NewChic is definitely your go-to platform. Supreme product quality and speedy deliverance and attention to detail make this forum worth your investment and trust. 

NewChic Operate Official Website


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