Crypto Genius Review 2022: Legit or Scam? Site for Truth!

crypto genius

Crypto Genius Review 2022: Legit or Scam? Site for Truth!


Crypto trading is getting recognized globally because of its huge profitability claims where most of the investors are already benefiting their income by investing in digital markets. Online trading can be undoubtedly risky but the right platform and authentic software can take an investor to incredibly lucrative ventures. The whole concept of earning through trading in cryptocurrencies has been a top-notch solution for those who are determined to generate huge profits. 

crypto genius

Crypto Genius is one of the competitive crypto trade services providers, where automated and accurate software is developed to ease the trading possibilities. It has seen to be the most reliable for beginners where hefty investments are not required, a user can gain trade market access just by investing a minimum of $250.


What is Crypto Genius?


Crypto Genius is emerging as the vital gateway for successful trading opportunities. The app is regulated upon the precise and efficient algorithm which helps a user to understand the market insights in real-time. The robotic mechanism allows the trader to sit back and enjoy daily profits. Human involvement is minimized to attain profitable results without any errors.


Lack of awareness among the people acting as an obstacle to benefit from crypto trading. On-going scams and fraudulent activities by other platforms have drawn the interest of many. Lately, crypto geniuses are striving to become the most reliable source of genuine earning, where people are recognizing its value and putting their trust towards this app.


Fintech strategies and policies are manifested to secure the trader’s activities for the prevalence of any loss and breakdown. US Trading Association has recognized the existence of crypto genius by acknowledging the fair and transparent services. 


Crypto Genius app is accessible by any person where the expertise level is not a requirement. Access to the trading market can be granted by the minimum investment of $250 where most of the other platforms are looting the trader in the name of investments. 



Authenticity of Crypto Genius

crypto genius

Proving the credibility and gaining the trust is the most crucial part of an emerging platform, especially when the financial matters are involved in it. Crypto genius has developed the strategies and policies in the favor of their users. Where registration process is the most convenient access that doesn’t require any lengthy submissions and heavy fees. It allows the investor to start gaining heavy profits irrespective of their capabilities. The app is designed to provide the friendly and easiest facilities to their users to accommodate the investors from any diverse backgrounds.


Safety and security are yet another question from the new users, where crypto genius provides the privacy strategies that are strictly regulated under the AML policies. On the other hand, every trade activity and traffic flows under the encrypted server. Any sort of scam is prevented on the spot.


According to the satisfactory users of crypto genius, it has evidenced to be the foolproof solution to earn from crypto trading, where most of the current users are making $1000 – $1500 profits each day.



Fundamentals of Crypto Genius

crypto genius

Crypto genius is providing the hi-tech interface to toggle the trade activities into the favor of account holder. It has the in-app trade bot integrated with the real time market analysis to make the trading profitable. The trader is not required to invest any long hours to the app because a trade bot will take care of all the operations on the user’s behalf.


During the trade, earnings are generated by trading CFD’s in digital markets. A broker will help the trader to predict the price of an impulsive asset to grab the best deal at low rates and later to sell for the higher rates. The succession rate of this app indicates whether the deal will turn favorable or not. This feature has made it stand out from the other platforms, where users are accommodated with the prevalence of loss.



Benefits of using Crypto Genius

crypto genius

Upcoming benefits are evaluated before entrusting anything with your finances. Crypto genius has proved to be genuine and robust with their technologies. Following are the top-rated benefits of using crypto genius as a trading option.


Win Rate


The assumption of succession helps the user to evaluate the deal thoroughly before taking any particular action. Win rate allows the user to indicate prior to any sale whether it is going to be successful. This feature has allowed many traders to save their loss.




The most serious concern while involving your finances is whether it will be rewarding or not. Crypto genius has ensured their customer about the payout procedures, a user can claim the payout amount anytime directly to their account. Crypto genius is not liable to charge any kind of commission or service fee.




Crypto genius claims their safety measure as the robust solution for the users. Where the server of this app regulates under the strict protocols of AML and every panel is encrypted under SSL certificate. Any kind of third force interruption or influence, the app promptly reacts and rejects such activities.


Customer Service


During the engaging trade activities and on-going traffic, many queries and FAQ’s can be raised that are needed to be answered to prevent any breakdown. To support the ease of their users, crypto genius is providing 24/7 customer support.



How to Get Started?

crypto genius



Crypto genius provides an easy and quick registration process just by filling out a basic form. Registration form can be found on the official website of crypto genius where a user has to submit the basic details (Name/Phone/Email-Id) and click on get started. The registration process will not require any kind of commission fee.


Fund Account


This step will propose a minimum deposit of $250 which will act as the trade capital of the trader in actual trades. 


Broker Connection 


Crypto genius has collaborated with some reputed brokers who aids in the whole trading process of a user. Regulated brokers reduce the chances of misleading and scams and results in supporting the trader beneficially. 


Live Session


After getting through the whole on-boarding process, a user will be directed to the trading panel where the live sessions will be occurring. An optional step of demo trade will help the trader to understand the mechanism of the app. 





Legitimacy: According to the transparent information and user-friendly interface provided by this app has proved to be most suitable and legit option for the trader where both the safety and security are at the foremost attention. 


Profitability: People are making great profits by using crypto genius, where most of the existing users reported daily profits of $1000 – $1500.


Compatibility: Crypto genius is basically a web-based app that requires a fast and stable internet connection. The app is compatible with any device. i.e., Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet.

🤖 Robot Type Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
🤑 Software Cost 0 Euro
👍 Withdrawal Fees No Fees
✔️ Customer support 24/7
💳 Deposit Options Paypal, Credit Card, Wire And more