Creative Outlier Air V3s Review 2022: An Incredible Accessory For A Magnificent Acoustic Experience 


Even for the leading corporations that now dominate the market for earbuds, it might be difficult to bring new products into this competitive environment. The Outlier Air V3 are in-ear earbuds that are actually giving extraordinarily fantastic value for individuals who are wanting to balance the performance of their headphones with the cost of said headphones. Creative is not new to the area. Creative is making its mark, and what we have witnessed up to this point has piqued our interest.


The Specifications You Must Know 

Drivers: 6mm bio-cellulose driver

Earbud Weight: 5.2 grams each

Case Weight:  68.8 grams (80.2 with earbuds)

Active Noise Cancelation: No, active noise reduction

Transparency Mode: Yes

Bluetooth: 5.2

Codecs: AAC, SBC

Battery Life: 10 hours on earbuds, 30 hours with case; 40 total

Charging Time: 2 to 3 hours

Wireless Charging: Qi

Control Type: Touch controls (customizable)

Additional Tips: Small, Medium, Large

Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000Hz

IP Rating: IPX5


The Quality Of V3’s Acoustics

It is highly recommended that you use the Creative software to make any necessary modifications because these tweaks may make a significant impact on the overall sound quality of your device. During our evaluations, we determined that the V3’s were the best option out of all of the other sets that were priced in a comparable range.


You should experiment with the SXFI (Super X-Fi) option if you’re into music and are looking for a little bit of an additional kick in terms of performance. You are able to create a digital map of the ears with SXFI, which then allows you to tune the music to your unique ear structure. If you’re an audiophile, there’s a strong possibility that you don’t use internet streaming services, in which case this won’t be helpful to you, but if you’re not, this may be.


A Sustainable Addition To Your Accessories 

The Creative Outlier Air V3s are a peculiar outlier in this regard. It is possible to forget that one has them in one’s ears since they are so pleasant, which is the reverse of the experience that I’ve had with the vast majority of the bulb-shaped buds. It would appear that V3 gave comfort a higher emphasis this time around since the Outlier Air V3s are noticeably more compact and tailored to the wearer’s anatomy than earlier iterations of the Outlier Air.


However, the fact that these earbuds are comfortable may not be the only thing that is keeping people using them. With the Outlier Air V3s, Creative has, as always, succeeded in achieving a remarkable level of battery life. You get 10 hours of playing out of the earbuds themselves, and the charging case gives you an additional thirty hours of battery life. To put it into perspective, the most recent Apple AirPods only have a playtime of six hours, and their power bank can only contain the equivalent of twenty-four hours’ worth of battery life.


Anyone who uses their earphones for the entirety of the day should give serious consideration to purchasing the Creative Outlier Air V3s. And because they have a water-resistance grade of IPX5, they are able to withstand the majority of the trials that you will face in life, including going to the gym. (On the other hand, if you finish your workout drenched to the skin and dripping buckets of perspiration, you should search for earphones with higher IP certification.)


The Charging Port System 

Each new iteration of the Outlier Air comes with a cumbersome, cylindrical charging case that has a strange pull-out drawer for storing the earphones. I get that in order to charge a large battery, you need a large charging case, but gosh, there has had to be some way to reduce the size of this monster.


The charging cover for the Outlier Air V3 is not suitable for those who have particularly slim pockets. Additionally, using it is a pain in the neck. If you truly don’t enjoy pulling the earphones out of the case, you probably won’t like having to push out the tiny drawer since it’s not as quick or as simple as flicking up on the top of a case.


It is also difficult to eliminate a charging wire without unlocking the little earbud compartment because Creative placed the charging connection on the conclusion of the case. (However, if you’re using a wireless charger, you won’t have to worry about this issue.)


The fact that the earbuds are kept in a clean and secure environment is the single feature of this pull-out drawer layout that consumers like the most. If you drop a case containing AirPods, the headphones inside will scatter. With Creative Outlier Air V3s, you won’t have to worry about that happening. However, the additional protection appears to be a negligible cost to pay for such a clumsy design.


The Outlier Air V3 charging case has excellent construction, in case you were curious about that aspect of it. It is not only lightweight but also thick, there are no harsh plastic edges, and it has the appearance of a high-end product. Naturally, we’ve found that to be the case with the vast majority of the Creative items we’ve investigated.


Creative Outlier Air V3: Is It Worth The Money

When compared to other products in the same category, the Creative Outlier Air V3 earbuds are an incredible deal. They provide excellent sound quality at a price that is hard to beat. When you spend less than one hundred dollars on something in this category, you should often expect to have to make quite a few concessions. 


Active noise cancellation, contemporary Bluetooth audio characteristics, IP sweat protection, USB-C, and connection with digital assistants are among the features that typically have to be sacrificed in headphones priced under $100. The Creative Outlier Air V3 has each and every function, in addition to a couple that may come as a surprise. Therefore, taking everything into consideration, we consider it to be an excellent buy, which is why it is the recipient of the TheConsumerR Editor’s Choice Award in the category of Best Price in Wireless Earbuds.


The Bottom Line 

Despite its oddities and limitations, the Creative Outlier Air V3 is a great set of headphones. You get terrific audio quality, a monster battery capacity, and all-day convenience for just $55. That’s all the important features at an incredible price.


That said, individuals who do want ANC, ear tracking, or a smaller carrying case should search elsewhere. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay roughly $100 to gain these features.


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