Coinbase Debit Card Review UK


If you’ve recently joined the cryptocurrency community, you will enjoy how simple it is to purchase bitcoin with Coinbase. However, inexperienced users may underestimate the cost of such ease. Smaller transactions might quickly accrue fees equal to 15% of the purchase price, greatly restricting the capacity of your investment to expand.


Even beginners should try to use Coinbase’s trading platform, Coinbase Pro when they learn. Fees for transactions up to £7,701 ($10,000) are reduced to a more acceptable, but still extremely expensive, 0.60%. On competing platforms such as, you may go as low as 0.10%, or 0.30% on the beginner-friendly Gemini’s ActiveTrader.


Aside from the higher costs, Coinbase has a lot to offer. It has a great security profile and keeps the overwhelming majority of client assets offline to reduce the danger of hacking. It also provides a one-of-a-kind instructional platform called ‘Learn and Earn’, which awards users with cryptocurrency as they go through classes. Today, I’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty of the Coinbase Debit Card, its interesting features and advantages, and fee structure. Let’s get the party started! 

What Is a Coinbase Debit Card?

The Coinbase debit card is a Visa card that generates up to a 4% return in rewards on every transaction. This card resembles a standard debit card, except for one thing, i.e. you can make transactions using cryptocurrency rather than fiat money.


It is simply a Visa debit card connected to your Coinbase crypto account balance. You can utilize it wherever Visa cards are allowed. You don’t have to sell your assets whenever you go to a store since Coinbase does it for you. The card instantly turns virtual currencies into US currency for each transaction.


When you register for a Coinbase debit card, you will be allowed to choose your desired incentives. You have the option of receiving 1% in Bitcoin or 4% in Stellar Lumens. You may, however, swap between the two incentive schemes whenever one appeals to you more than the other. Once you’ve chosen your desired reward programme, Coinbase will credit your account with your incentives after each transaction.

Coinbase Card Features

Consider some of the benefits available with the Coinbase card.

1. No Annual Charges

Because there is no yearly charge on the Coinbase debit card, it is one of the most widely used cryptocurrency debit cards. You may buy at your favourite companies and receive rewards without paying an annual fee.

2. Usability

Coinbase is really simple to use. Signing up is quick and easy, and you may then associate a UK bank account to your account, which is the preferred approach for lowering trading expenses.

The user-interface is colourful and any one can easily utilise it. You can easily select your favourite cryptocurrency ranging from Bitcoin to Tellor using a search bar, and You can schedule transactions to be made on a constant schedule.

For those who want to go a little more technical, Coinbase allows you to swap specific cryptos for other cryptos, so you could convert your Litecoins to Augur, for example. Please remember that this conversion consists of a 2% cost on the transaction.

3. Security

According to the platform, 98 percent of user money is held offline in various places across the world, which contributes to even increased protection for digital assets. Coinbase offers a free wallet service in which you can hold your cryptocurrency, but its upto you whether you choose a third-party wallet or a Coinbase’s wallet.

To log into your account, you must first complete two-factor verification. It also offers biometric fingerprints security and AES-256 encryption on private keys 


Coinbase also offers cybercrime insurance, which protects a percentage of your digital assets from stealing and cybersecurity attacks. This protection, however, only applies if the Coinbase platform is hacked and fails to protect individual accounts.

Furthermore, the bitcoin in your accounts is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

4. Education

Coinbase awards customers with cryptocurrency as they finish classes on its Learn platform. The collaborative, Instagram Stories-style lectures last less than 10 minutes, and the incentives typically range from £0.77 to £3.85 worth of the currency customers are discovering.

5. Staking benefits

Those who have specific cryptocurrencies in their Coinbase accounts might receive rewards if they allow Coinbase to stake them or are using them as collateral to check and verify transactions for proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Coinbase charges a fee of 25% of staking income.

6. Generous Rewards

As previously stated, the Coinbase card enables you to generate rewards whenever you make a purchase at your favourite merchants. You may generate up to 4% return in crypto-related prizes, including 1% return in Bitcoin and 4% return in XLM.

Once a transaction is completed, Coinbase will distribute your rewards. It usually takes one to five days for the incentives to appear in your account, although the precise duration depends on the shop.

Furthermore, Coinbase allows you to select your preferred incentive structure, with the option to switch between the two at any time.

7. Contactless Transactions

You may use the Coinbase card to make contactless payments that use RFID technology at your favourite retailers if they have a near-field communication or NFC device.

Fees The Coinbase card distinguishes itself in terms of fees. From the lack of a card issuance cost to the lack of an annual fee, you’re inclined to get the maximum of it without incurring annual fees. However, you may pay certain costs but it depends on how you utilise the card.

Every purchase, including ATM withdrawals, will incur a 2.49 percent transaction fee from Coinbase. 

Does It Have An App?

Coinbase features an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to control your spending while on the road. You may use your phone to monitor your purchasing behaviour, balance, swap incentives, and alter card settings.

Another intriguing feature of the Coinbase card app is the option to select the cryptocurrency to be spent. You may also enable app notifications to avoid missing out on critical information.

Any Negative Side?

One of the major disadvantages of the Coinbase card is the hefty bitcoin liquidation cost. All purchases will include a 2.49 percent transaction charge.

Customer Support

Coinbase customer assistance is available through phone, email, and mobile app. If you feel that your account has been hacked, you can contact Coinbase’s automated phone assistance to have your account disabled.

Anything else, including retrieving your account after it has been disabled, requires an email request. Furthermore, Coinbase features a support area where you may get solutions to the majority of your questions.

Although Coinbase does not offer live chat support, the other customer care options will most likely provide you with the assistance you require.



If you trade cryptocurrency actively, the Coinbase Card might be your desired choice. The card is also great for those looking to earn points on routine transactions.


Coinbase is one of the most secure debit cards available today. Both your cash and card are safe with two-factor authentication, rapid card freezing, and other security features.


The Coinbase card is without a question one of the most widely used crypto debit cards on the market. The card has zero fees, accepts a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, and offers enormous rewards for everyday shopping, making it a popular choice among traders and investors.

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