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ClickBank has been in business for quite some time. It was actually in 1998 that the affiliate network was established. As a result, ClickBank is one of the most established affiliate marketing networks in the world. A garage begun by three friends who created their own webpage has risen to become a company with an annual revenue of US$1 billion, according to the company’s website.

ClickBank is also distinct from most affiliate marketing channels in that it primarily focuses on digital goods rather than physical products. It is primarily a global market where digital service creators can upload their products, though they do now offer a small selection of physical products as well as digital ones. But I understand that many of you are new affiliates and are wondering how ClickBank works. Is it still worthwhile to use today when comparing different affiliate networks?

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What is ClickBank?

For more than two decades, the ClickBank global market has brought together top-tier marketers and cutting-edge product creators to help them scale their online businesses. Business owners and online brand names benefit from our effective tools, international network, and trusted confidence to achieve one‘s business goals.


The functionality of our platform, which includes everything from traffic to payments, ensures that everything goes smoothly for existing companies while lowering the entry barriers for any prospective entrepreneur. Many businesses would be forced to piece together a wide range of point solutions on their own, resulting in more work for themself.

How Does ClickBank Entertain Brands?

Businesses that operate in the ecommerce space have a significant opportunity to increase their customer reach by developing a direct response channel, which involves taking their flagship product and developing an offer that is targeted to that product’s audience.


In one place, they provide the tools and scale necessary to make it happen, including onboarding assistance to get the item online, and the ability to attract and manage affiliates who increase traffic to one‘s offer. Entrepreneurs running ecommerce businesses don’t have to worry about setting up the various products and services that are required to start competing in the affiliate marketing space. The merchant processing is handled by the Clickbank team, which also integrates with their fulfilment centre and any other leading software solution that they may already be using.


How Does ClickBank Entertain Affiliates?

They provide a marketplace of the best-performing physical and digital offers, as well as historical data on how well they have performed in the past. Affiliates can rest assured that these proposals are compliant, that no sales have been scrubbed (our data is transaction based, not just hit and miss traffic data), and that they’ll be paid on time, every time they promote one of these offers (which is not a real industrial norm).

Click Bank Official Website

They are aware that ClickBank facilitates the connection of top product owners with top affiliates through joint venture agreements and high price networking events. These are the kinds of relationships that allow businesses to grow. In addition, they provide an inventive CPS/CPA model that allows vendors to profitably offer CPA while also allowing high-quality affiliates to maximise their returns.


How Does ClickBank Entertain Entrepreneurs?

There are billions and billions – perhaps a billion – of people all over the world who have expressed an interest in starting an internet-based business. Recent incidents have only served to amplify this tendency. ClickBank is widely recognised as the best ways to begin an online commercial enterprise, as evidenced by the thousands of budding entrepreneurs who sign up for ClickBank accounts on a daily basis.


Their desire, on the other hand, outpaces their ability, which is where their education platform, Spark, comes into play. By partnering with ClickBank, we can offer both foundational and strategic courses, as well as a caring educational community and powerful tools to assist our students in becoming more productive online – whether it’s earning an extra profit or scaling a particular marketing channel.

Why Do You Need Clickbank?

  • A renowned affiliate channel – Since 1998, they’ve been a part of the landscape. Although certain sections of the site look like they were built in 1998.
  • Greatest digital network – If you’re looking for a wide variety of digital commodities to promote, you’ll find it at ClickBank.
  • Variety of virtual products – There are many reliable items out there, but finding them requires some effort and investigation.
  • Documentation – A well-documented information source for both suppliers and associates.
  • Trustable transactions – Direct payments to associates on a regular basis. We never miss a payment deadline.
  • Controlled payment – Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Insight equipment – Insight, analysis, and reporting capabilities are all available through ClickBank.
  • Policy of Money-Back guarantee – Most products on ClickBank are backed by a refund policy. Using this as a selling point is a terrific way to increase your affiliate conversions.
  • ClickBank University – For thorough instruction on how to be effective as an affiliate marketing program with ClickBank and in general.

Click Bank Official Website

Payment Model’s Timing

A net 30 payout schedule is the norm for the great majority of affiliate networks. There are weekly or bi-weekly payouts available through ClickBank. However, you won’t actually get your money for another two weeks following the date of your payment.


As a general rule, it will take between 4 and 6 weeks for the ClickBank installments to start coinciding with each other so that you feel like they’re weekly or biweekly, rather than monthly. When it came to getting paid by ClickBank, however, we never had any difficulty with them at all.

Payment Scheduling

Either a cheque or a direct deposit can be made out to you. There you go. No other manner of payment is allowed. International affiliates should be aware that ClickBank checks take time to arrive. As a result, you can extend your payment deadline by up to seven days.

Finance Threshold

You can get either a check or a direct deposit. That’s it. The only acceptable method of payment is cash. Please be advised that ClickBank checks for international affiliates sometimes take a long time to come. In other words, you have an extra seven days to pay.

Refund Policy

Because of their 90-day money-back guarantee, ClickBank is their own worst enemy. Because clients may return anything they’re not satisfied with, this is a wonderful development for the company. However, there are those who will take advantage of this money-back guarantee in order to acquire freebies. Refund requests are made after the customer has downloaded the digital product and is not satisfied with it.


Affiliate marketers are the ones that are most likely to engage in this type of behaviour. Scammers posing as affiliates, that’s all it is. However, this is a long-term problem with the system that can reduce your ClickBank referral fees.

Click Bank Official Website


The Final Thoughts – Is Your Investment Safe With Clickbank?

Consequently, we have reached the conclusion of my ClickBank evaluation. Providing affiliate programs with a marketplace where they can find a wide variety of digital, and in some cases physical, product lines to promote is one of ClickBank’s primary functions.


To be honest, we can all remember the old days of google adsense, when you could easily earn money by creating a direct connection from AdWords to either a ClickBank product page and earning commissions. As a result, it is safe to say that you can rely on this forum!

Click Bank Official Website

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