Can You Trust Your Business With RedBubble?



Dropshipping is huge. Print on demand (POD) is one component of dropshipping. POD is a commercial procedure where products are not produced until an order is received. This enables modest print runs and reduces storage space needs, decreasing costs.


This business strategy allows artists, businessmen, and other creative types to earn money while keeping overhead low.

Many businesses use Redbubble to develop personalized garment designs. But is the buzz justified? Can Redbubble help you manage a lean, profitable business?


That’s what we’re after. We’ll examine Redbubble, compare it to competitors, and discover what features it offers to help you launch your business.

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What is RedBubble?

Redbubble began in 2006 in Melbourne. It presently has operations in San Francisco & Berlin. Redbubble sells t-shirts, hoodies, prints, and other things, as well as pillows, duvet covers, stockings, and more. Artists can join for free and chose which goods to promote alongside which photographs.


It had 500,000 active creators and 28 million monthly visitors as of December 2020. Nearly ten million users have used the site in the last decade.

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How Does The Forum Of RedBubble Function?

Unlike other print-on-demand platforms, Redbubble does not support eCommerce systems like WooCommerce or Shopify. Redbubble is a platform.


Instead of installing Redbubble on the Shopify store, you must submit your logos and design work to Redbubble and directly sell from there. Obviously, there are drawbacks. If you always have a Shopify account, then may detest having to set up another one. In fact, if you’re an artist trying to get your online work quickly, this is a wonderful place to start.


Because Redbubble’s platform is exclusive, you can’t even brand your store. Your business will look like any other Redbubble store. Print, for example, offers this for Shopify.


But Redbubble’s simplicity is its strength. Enroll, upload your customized design, put it on the selected products, and start promoting your work.

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What Does RedBubble Offer?

Redbubble’s product range is extensive. The company’s products are often acknowledged for their quality. The publishing quality is likewise deemed superior to the competition.


Redbubble has the following categories:


  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Kids & Babies
  • Device Cases
  • Stickers
  • Wall Art
  • Home Decor
  • Stationery
  • Bags
  • Gifts

Each of these categories has sub-categories and variations. Consider the Wall Art genre.

Posters, canvas prints, photos, wall tapestries, and more. Every genre is like this, allowing you to develop and sell work.

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Having a wide range of things to pick from is a fantastic approach to ensure that your store has something for everyone.

How To Begin Merchandising With RedBubble?

-Create a Redbubble profile first. Redbubble makes money to take a share of everything you sell.


-After logging in, select “Add New Work” from your personal symbol in the top right. Then you can submit your artwork.


-Select the design and click download. After uploading, product selections appear. Click “Enabled” to allow a publish on a specific product.


-You’ll be prompted to name, explain, and tag your design to help others find it. Then click Save add your work to your portfolio.

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The Pricing Master Plan

Redbubble’s pricing philosophy is simple to grasp. Every product on the site has a base pricing. You can then set your own premium for each item sold.


Redbubble gives you several price alternatives. The first approach is to apply a percentage markup to all product categories. So, for instance, you can mark up every item in your business by 15%.


Set a % markup on a specific category. So 15% Wall Art and 20% Phone Cases.


You can also set price-based cosmetics. So, you could have a $10 premium on all products or just a handful.

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The Payout System

You’ll want to get compensated once you begin selling your stuff.


Luckily, Redbubble makes it very simple. Each payment cycle starts on the 15th of the month & ends on the 15th of the preceding month.


You can either receive your money via bank transfer into a checking account (available in some countries) or via PayPal.

Shipping Protocols

Redbubble ships products from all around the world using its worldwide shipping network.


This can be beneficial or harmful depending on your customer’s location and the shipping method.


Certain reviews have expressed displeasure with the speed of delivery, however, there seem to be some general guidelines that apply to all orders.

Because the products are custom produced, most require 3 business days to complete before shipping. Redbubble’s shipping estimates do not include processing time.

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Customer Hospitality

Redbubble’s customer service team has continually been praised.


The company guarantees a 4-hour response time from its highly responsive staff. The assistance team will get in touch with you if you make a request using the Redbubble “Access Us” tab.


The organization also has a live chat facility on their website, so if you do have an urgent issue, you may obtain help promptly.

The Triple ‘R’ Policy

Their triple R policy includes return, refund, and replacement of products in order to assure pure customer satisfaction. Customers receive 90 days to return items after receiving them. Many online reviewers claim that when they received defective products, they were promptly refunded or replaced.

High-ranking Your Products

Getting your products seen is difficult. To assist promote your work, however, Redbubble offers several options.


Several new artists have talked about their experiences selling on Redbubble, praising the helpful and like-minded community.


Redbubble itself has tips for online product promotion. To be a successful artist, you must advertise your work, according to the company.


With over 600,000 artists, the company aims to promote as many as feasible on its site, blog, and other platforms.


Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Insta to promote your products. There are also links to Flickr, Behance, Dribble, and others.


Redbubble also allows visitors to pin your creation to their Pinterest boards, further promoting your work, though shops can opt-out if they wish.


Redbubble also suggests using tags to market your work. Including tag terms in your description can help potential shoppers find your products.

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What Are The Additional Pros Given By RedBubble?

Selling things on Redbubble isn’t only about making money, though.


You can start earning passive income. Setting up Redbubble is as simple as uploading an image and crafting a few lines of text.


While 10-to-20 percent royalties may not seem like much, they are for the volume of effort you put in.

Is Redbubble Legit?

Founded by Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, and Paul Vanzella in 2006, Redbubble is a legitimate corporation. Redbubble, one of the first print-on-demand services, has grown in terms of manufacturing, customer service, and its product library throughout time.. Trustpilot and Sitejabber are two of the most popular customer-review sites for Redbubble.


Is Redbubble Reliable To Purchase & Sell From?

Redbubble is a secure marketplace for dropshipped printed goods. Their responsive customer support service can manage pre-and post-sale issues.


Redbubble now offers worldwide shipping, allowing you to expand your POD business internationally.

Summarizing Up The RedBubble Review

Redbubble stands out in the worldwide eCommerce business. Artists, who aren’t recognized for having lots of money to invest in retail, may now sell their creations globally. Redbubble’s platform is simple to use, has a large product variety, allows retailers to sell online, has exceptional customer support, and allows for business growth.


Redbubble is a great internet marketing tool. Redbubble is a terrific location to begin offering your artwork online, earning an additional income, or just learning about internet retailing in general.


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