BullGuard Review: How is the Antivirus Different Than Others?


BullGuard provides comprehensive anti-malware defence, several handy bonus features, and a great game booster that boosts gaming enthusiasts’ PC performance. BullGuard’s anti-malware analyzer is one of the top choices, with a 100% success rate in blocking known and zero-day threats thanks to a malware database and dynamic machine learning. 


BullGuard also includes several helpful security measures, such as: 

  • A firewall and a network scanner are two tools that you can use to protect your network. 
  • Boost your game and clean up your computer. 
  • Controlled by the parents. 
  • Secure browser. 
  • Identity theft protection (US, Canada, and Western Europe). 
  • VPN (a virtual private network) is a network that allows you to connect to the internet anonymously.


The game booster, which enhances CPU speed when playing GPU-intensive games, is my favourite BullGuard function. I had to switch off my antivirus while gaming before I started using BullGuard, so it’s fantastic that BullGuard can boost gaming performance. I also appreciate that the game booster is included in all of BullGuard’s packages, including the most basic Antivirus package. 


I also enjoy BullGuard’s data breaches monitoring, which analyzes a broad array of personally personal information (PII), such as credit cards, names and addresses, email addresses, and driver’s licence numbers, using Experian’s international credit monitoring database.


What’s more to know? A lot. Read this review and you’ll know.

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What Makes BullGuard Different

BullGuard includes the most incredible gaming mode on the market, as well as robust anti-malware scanning. BullGuard’s powerful machine learning technologies and vast malware database captured 100 percent of the malware during my tests, and the game booster feature genuinely enhanced my fps. 


BullGuard also comes with a slew of high-quality add-ons. Its firewall and network screen offer advanced protection against network intrusion, exploits, and back-door threats, while its data theft safeguards are among the best in the industry, providing users in the United States, Canada, and several European countries with up-to-the-minute updates on credit changes.


Here are some of its incredible features.

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The majority of BullGuard’s capabilities are well-designed, straightforward, and useful, enhancing your cybersecurity defences greatly. BullGuard’s packages are also fairly priced, with excellent protection for less than most rivals. 


My main gripe with BullGuard is that the Mac version misses many of the added features that make the Windows version so appealing. 


BullGuard should also provide an iOS app, in my opinion. On the other hand, BullGuard is one of the best options if you only need protection for your Windows and Android devices.


Let’s have a look at the features.

Scanner for viruses 

The virus scanner from BullGuard is one of the best on the market. It detects all types of attacks using powerful machine learning and a large malware database. The malware repository compares user files to a large database of known malware, while the machine learning engine examines file behaviour for zero-day threats and rootkits (which can deceive traditional malware scanners). 


Overall, BullGuard’s antivirus scanner is quite good. It detected the malware as swiftly and effectively as best contenders, and while the scan lag was annoying, I still have complete confidence in BullGuard to keep computers safe from all types of malware in 2022.

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Protection measures

BullGuard’s real-time protection is superb, providing great anti-malware prevention while running in the background with no lag. BullGuard’s real-time security actively monitors downloads and internet usage, scans all files before you view them, and keeps an eye on running processes to prevent new malware files from being downloaded or accessed on your computer. 


I tried to download the same set of 997 malware items that I used to evaluate BullGuard’s disc scanner to evaluate real protection. All 997 malware samples were recognized by BullGuard’s real-time protection, which prevented the downloads from being installed on my PC.

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Gaming Booster

When you play games on your PC, BullGuard’s game booster recognises it and optimises your computation time to increase game performance. Other antiviruses, like Norton 360, feature a gaming mode that just delays system scans and messages while you’re playing. 


BullGuard suspends not only CPU-intensive screenings while gaming but also improves overall performance – one of the reasons BullGuard came in first place on our list of the top gaming antiviruses in 2022. 


On personal computers with quad-core processors, Game Booster ensures that two cores are allocated to gaming, while the rest of the free cores are used for other tasks. This increases the power of your computer.



BullGuard’s firewall runs in the background, quietly monitoring incoming traffic and protecting against vulnerabilities like exploits, man-in-the-middle assaults, backdoor invasions, and backdoors. The firewall is always on, so there’s no need to access it or make any adjustments because it’s constantly scanning and safeguarding your network. 


BullGuard’s firewall detected every network intrusion I tried to run through it in my tests, including those that got past Windows 10’s inbuilt firewall.


Scanner for Networks

BullGuard’s system scanner lists and analyses all devices connected to a Wi-Fi network for security concerns. BullGuard’s network scanner can notify you whether your systems have incoming and outgoing traffic (which hackers can exploit), aren’t password-protected and are connected to an unsafe network. It can also run scans on request and monitor things in real-time.


Every time a new device connects to your network, the network scanner sends you a message. This is a valuable function, especially if you live in a city or a busy apartment complex where other people might try to take advantage of your Wi-Fi. 


BullGuard’s firewall provides great protection, blocking every network attack in our evaluation, and it features a straightforward interface for most users, as well as layers of in-depth configuration for more sophisticated users. 

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Tuning Up Your Computer 

The PC tune-up from BullGuard offers four alternative performance-enhancing options. These are the following: 


  • Optimize unnecessary background processes and PUPs are labelled and removed (potentially unwanted programs). 


  • Assist with the cleanup by indexing garbage files and displaying visual information about what’s on your computer. 
  • Boot manager is a programme that allows you to start your computer. 
  • It displays all applications that kickstart automatically and their load times so you can optimize your boot process.
  • Quickly analyse all discs for duplicates, allowing you to eliminate or arrange them. 
  • BullGuard’s system cleaning tools provided me with a pleasant experience. 
  • The Cleanup Helper scanned my 3TB hard drive in about 15 minutes and removed more than 1.5 GB of junk.


BullGuard’s Secure Browser 

The secure browser from BullGuard verifies that the websites you visit have defined security licenses and are hosted on trusted domains. When you enter your details onto sites like Amazon, the secure browser prevents hijackers from capturing crucial information like credit card numbers and passwords. 


In our experiments, the secure browser blocked known phishing sites as well as sites known to house harmful scripts and files. 

BullGuard’s VPN

BullGuard’s VPN is safe, quick, and compatible with Netflix and other online streaming, but it’s only accessible as a standalone purchase. It includes 256-bit AES encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a kill switch, which are all characteristics I hope to see in a premium VPN in 2022. (terminating your internet connection if the VPN connection drops). 


BullGuard’s VPN has sites in 16 countries, which is adequate but not exceptional; antivirus VPNs, such as Norton Secure VPN, have servers in 30+ countries globally, but independent VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, have ports in 90+ countries.

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BullGuard’s Plans

BullGuard’s best-value plan is Internet Security. It covers three devices, is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android, and is less expensive than Norton 360. 


All of the capabilities of BullGuard Antivirus are included in BullGuard Internet Security, plus: 

Secure browser. 

Allows you to browse the internet safely and conduct secure transactions. 


Monitors and defends you from online risks by monitoring inbound and outbound traffic. 

Controlled by the parents. 

Monitor and limit your children’s access to websites and apps, as well as their screen time. 

Tune-up your computer. 

Cleans out unwanted files and improves the performance of your startup. 


Backing up to the cloud. 

It backs up important files to a safe cloud storage location. 

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What’s More?

Premium Safety has all of the characteristics of BullGuard Online Security, including the network scanner and ID verification, and it can cover up to ten devices. 


This is a fantastic solution for those who have many devices. For users in the United States, Canada, and Europe, BullGuard’s identity theft protections are among the strongest on the market. I believe Norton 360 with LifeLock is a good value. However, LifeLock is only available in the United States. 


A 30-day money-back assurance backs BullGuard Premium Protection so that you can give it a try risk-free.

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BullGuard’s Mobile App

BullGuard Mobile Security Premium is a fantastic Android security app that comes standard with the Online Protection and Premium Protection packages. There isn’t an iOS app. Therefore iOS users should look at our list of the top internet security applications for iOS instead. 


The Android app from BullGuard has a lot of handy features: 


Scanner for viruses 

Protects against mobile malware with real-time scanning and system scans. 



If your phone is stolen or lost, you can lock it, wipe it, locate it, and even set off an alarm. 


Parental authority 

Location tracking, content filtering, phone monitoring, and photo monitoring are all included. 


Backing up to the cloud 

Messages, schedulers, and contacts are saved in an encrypted format.


Furthermore, the mobile software includes outstanding anti-theft features that connect to BullGuard’s Mobile Security Manager (the company’s web dashboard). The BullGuard mobile app is fantastic. In my tests, the antivirus scanners and theft prevention performed admirably, and there were no problems or slowdowns on my Android while BullGuard was active.


BullGuard’s Customer Service

BullGuard’s live chat feature is fantastic (English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, and Romanian). I was connected with a customer service professional after testing the English support in less than a minute. In a matter of minutes, the person responded to all of my inquiries, which is quite impressive.

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Is BullGuard the most effective antivirus for gamers? 

BullGuard provides the best gaming mode of any virus protection I’ve tried. I strongly recommend BullGuard if you want to improve gaming performance when your antivirus is running. 


Is BullGuard’s virtual private network (VPN) safe? Is it quick? 

BullGuard’s VPN is excellent. It’s safe, quick, and allows you to access Netflix and other streaming services. 


Is BullGuard’s virtual private network (VPN) safe? Is it quick? 

BullGuard’s VPN is excellent. It’s safe, quick, and allows you to access Netflix and other streaming services.



While testing the software, the antivirus scanner performed admirably, capturing 100% of the malware I threw at it. The smartphone app is also a lot more user-friendly than the desktop version. The layout is quite appealing, and I never had any difficulty locating any of the functions. 

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