Bitcoin Motion Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?   


Bitcoin Motion is a well-known Bitcoin trading robot that allows you to trade in cryptocurrency without having to do any work. This is due to the robot software’s ability to buy and sell digital assets on your behalf, which is ideal for folks with little or no experience in the field.


In this Bitcoin Motion review, we’ll go over all there is to know about this robot trading platform in order to determine whether it’s a fraud or not.


Overview Of Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion, in its most basic form, is an internet platform that provides passive investment services. This is due to the fact that the service allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies without placing any buy or sell orders. Instead, the underlying robot software will trade autonomously once you have made an initial deposit – which starts at just €250.


This could be appealing to inexperienced investors who want to obtain exposure to digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Even people who are well-versed in bitcoin trading may find the Bitcoin Motion software appealing, as the platform provides a passive investment experience for those who are short on time.


In terms of how the program works, we discovered that everything is handled behind the scenes in our Bitcoin Motion review. This means you won’t have to download or install any software on your desktop or laptop computer. The robot, on the other hand, will begin trading as soon as your Bitcoin Motion account is activated.

What Makes Bitcoin Motion Stand Out?

Automated Trading

The ability to trade digital currency passively is said to be one of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin Motion. This will appeal to those who want to take a hands-off approach to cryptocurrency investing or who have no prior knowledge in the field. The key idea is that as soon as you turn on the Bitcoin Motion program, the robot will start buying and selling on your behalf.

Bitcoin Motion

24/7 Trading

Unlike the typical stock market, cryptocurrency trading is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even the most experienced traders, however, would not be able to place orders around the clock.


When using Bitcoin Motion, however, a robot places all positions. As a result, the robot will continuously scan the markets for trading possibilities 24 hours a day. The Bitcoin Motion software will place an appropriate order when such an opportunity occurs.


Low Minimum Deposit

Another advantage we observed throughout our Bitcoin Motion study is that the minimum first-time deposit is a fair €250. As a result, you have the opportunity to try Bitcoin Motion without risking a huge sum of money.


However, keep in mind that there is no assurance that you will make a profit – so think about the danger of losing money before going.

Demo Account

In our Bitcoin Motion study, we discovered that the site provides a demo account. This is really beneficial because it allows you to test the robot with paper trading funds before investing any real money.


If the Bitcoin Motion software, for example, is not operating as well as you had intended, you might try modifying the settings to see if anything needs to be tweaked. You can test this by running the robot program in demo mode once more.

How To Get Registered With Bitcoin Motion?

Create An Account

To begin trading with this provider, you must first create a Bitcoin Motion account. The registration process, according to our research, takes no more than a few minutes to complete.


This will include your first and surname name, email address, and cell phone number, among other things. Then, to move on to the next step, click the ‘Register Now’ option.

Sign Up With A Broker

It’s vital to clarify that Bitcoin Motion isn’t a trading platform or an online broker. Instead, the company specializes in cryptocurrency trading robot software for high-frequency trading.


As a result, you’ll need to open an account with an internet broker who can help the robot place buy and sell orders on your behalf.

Bitcoin Motion

Decide On An Investment Amount

You will now have an account with Bitcoin Motion as well as a partnered brokerage site at this point in our tutorial. The next stage is to determine how much money you want to put into the project. According to our Bitcoin Motion review, the lowest amount a new customer can invest is €250.


In terms of the payment, it will be handled by the regulated broker with whom you established an account in Step 2. The majority of the time, the brokers with whom Bitcoin Motion works will accept debit and credit cards, bank wires, and e-wallets.

Activate The Robot

The robot must be activated from within your Bitcoin Motion account at the end of the setup phase. By doing so, you’re giving the robot software permission to start trading on your behalf. Crypto bots typically function in tandem with the leading crypto exchanges, allowing you to completely automate the crypto investment process and so remove emotions from your trade.


You can alter your parameters if you have some experience with Bitcoin trading and the know-how to buy Bitcoin. Metrics like leverage, goal risk/return ratios, and maximum drawdown % are likely to be included.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, our Bitcoin Motion study discovered that the platform allows you to passively trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot. This may appeal to those with little or no experience in the crypto-asset industry, as well as those who do not have the time to explore the markets.


To get started with the Bitcoin Motion software, all you have to do is create an account and deposit a minimum of €250. Most importantly, if you do decide to invest in Bitcoin Motion, you must carefully examine the dangers and never invest more than you can afford to lose.


Is Bitcoin Motion Real?

Bitcoin Motion is quite upfront about what it has to offer, both in terms of possible benefits and hazards. As a result, no profit assurances are provided. This is why we recommend conducting your own research before registering with Bitcoin Motion.


Is Bitcoin Motion a Safe Investment?

In terms of registering an account and making a deposit, our Bitcoin Motion UK review showed that the platform is safe to use. You must, however, weigh the possibility of loss before proceeding.

What is the success rate of Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion claims to have a success rate of 99.4 percent, according to their website.

Bitcoin Motion trades which cryptocurrencies?

The Bitcoin Motion also trades Ethereum, Polkadot, USDC in addition to Bitcoin.



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