BetOBet Review: Only Wiser Steps Can Unlock The Treasure Box!


After an absence of a year, online poker was brought back to BetOBet in August of that year. The poker room at BetOBet is almost unchanged. The skin of PaiWangLuo and members of their collective. The Bodog Network was the previous name for this platform.

The second-largest US-friendly poker network, PaiWangLuo, is open to players in the United States. PaiWangLuo was overtaken by Winning Poker in 2017. This could be one of the reasons BetOBet is now offering online poker again.


BetOBet Poker: A Brief Overview

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo are all available on BetOBet. No-limit Texas Hold’em is the norm at most tables. Only a few of these are fixed. It is common to see pot-limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tables.

There are various aspects of BetOBet Poker that make it unappealing to serious poker players. There are no usernames for the players. each number is designated via cash in-game or tournament. This stops sharks from snatching weak players from the water. ‘ There are no specific tables displayed in the lobby. Seats are found for players who select a game and a limit, and the software does the rest. Neither a waitlist nor a table stats are available.

A fast-fold poker is an option at BetOBet. Zone Poker is the name for this. It’s possible to get into a massive pool at a predetermined limit. After a player folds, he or she is transferred to a new table.

Only a few nations are allowed to participate in BetOBet Poker. Players from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela will join those from the United States.


Why Does BetOBet Have A Greater Likeability Factor? 

BetOBet has some of the most exciting cash-competitive events accessible to US customers. As far as withdrawals go, it’s the fastest. Bitcoin withdrawals are completely free of charge. In terms of bonuses for US players, that’s one of the best. There is one free check per four-month period for players.

In order to play for real money at BetOBet, you will have to download the BetOBet Poker Download. BetOBet Poker’s software is available for free download on both Windows and Mac computers.

The original file size is 13 MB. The BetOBet poker program takes up 134 MB of disc space once it has been loaded. The entire process, from downloading to installing, takes no more than a few minutes.

Most of the activity can only be seen by signing up for a BetOBet account. Here, the player enters their own last name, birth date, email address, and other personal information, including their address and zip code. To test out all the BetOBet Poker software, you don’t need to make a deposit.


Rapid Seats

When playing for real money at BetOBet Poker, players cannot select their own position at a table. Instead, players select a game, style, limit, and amount of seats from the lobby. When a player submits this form, BetOBet’s program immediately locates a poker table for them.

This function was added to the PaiWangLuo Network in April of this year. It had a mixed reception. Those who regularly play multi-table games were not pleased with the notion because it meant they would no longer be able to select games themselves. As a result, it keeps the fish inside the game longer by preventing sharks from preying on lesser players. New and casual poker players will benefit from this.

Zone Poker

This is BetOBet’s response to the recent craze of fast-folding online poker. When compared to regular online poker tables, this structure allows players to play nearly four times as many hands in an hour. A player who folds is automatically moved to a new table by the program. While the preceding table completes the action, the player receives a new hand.

For No-Limit Texas Hold’em games, Zone Poker is accessible from $0.02/$0.05 to $1/$2. Between $0.02/0.05 and $0.10/0.25 blinds, it is available in Pot Limit Omaha. Hi/Lo.

Tables Without Names

Anonymous tables are another BetOBet feature that protects novice gamers. Each player at a cash match is given a unique number, which is shown in place of the traditional username. A player’s number is issued to them at the start of a tournament and they keep it the entire time. That’s all the other competitors at the table have to go on. As a result, inferior players are able to stay hidden for long. It’s also hard to tell who’s a shark because of this.


A Step-By-Step Guide To Installing BetOBet


  • It will appear on the left-hand corner of BetOBet’s home page. Take a look at the Windows area by clicking on this tab.


  • The software installation will begin when you click the red Install for Windows button. Begin the deployment process and allows the app to implement adjustments to your device. During this part of the download, you will be prompted to select your preferred language.


  • BetOBet Poker Download should open up after installation and be ready to use. The Signup Now button can be found on the side of the page if you are a first-time user. Your name, date, place of birth, and phone number will be requested in the registration process.


  • You can begin playing for real money at an online poker site as soon as you establish an account. There is a Login section to access your account on the left-hand side of the page, immediately above the Join Now button, for existing BetOBet members.


Why Should You Download BetOBet? 

Aiming For Safety And Security

To keep players safe and secure, the BetOBet Poker Install makes use of the same cryptography and protection methods as those used by online banking systems.

Gaming in a Single Place 

Players can use the system to access anything, from Zoom Poker through Cash Games, SNGs, live casinos, and tournaments, all via the download.

Options for Refinement 

Using the download, you can select the type of card game, the buy-in level, and the limit for which you intend to play.

Access Account Information 

Poker points, tournament cards, and play money are all located on the left-hand side of the website, where you may access your personal information.

The Download Is Free

BetOBet’s poker client can be downloaded for free.

Obtain the BetOBet Poker Software for PC

In order to use a PC, you’ll need Windows 7 or newer and an Intel Core Duo processor. A memory of at least 1 GB and a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 are required. A sound card and at least 200MB of free disc space are required for audio.

Download BetOBet Poker for Mac OS X

An Intel Core Duo CPU and 1GB of memory or more are required for PC users running Mac OS X 10.7 (64bit). Flash Player 16 or newer is required, along with 250 MB of free disc space, for the download to work.


The Payment Details You Should Know 

Instant deposits can be made using a multitude of options at BetOBet. Credit cards, debit cards, and Bitcoin are all examples of this.

Putting Money Into Your Account

BetOBet currently takes Visa, MasterCard, and American Express (AMEX) credit and debit cards. Deposits made with Visa incur a 4.9 percent charge. Deposits made with Mastercard are subject to a 6.9% charge. When using Bitcoin, you won’t be charged any fees at all. Depositors have the option of making cash withdrawals. These deposits cost around $10 to make. Amounts of $300 or more are covered by BetOBet.

Withdrawal Procedures

It is possible to withdraw money from BetOBet in one of three methods. The maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be purchased is $9,500. We don’t charge anything. Checks up to $3,000 can be issued. The cost is $50.  Every four months, players are entitled to one free check. Bank wires are available to some players. The most you may transfer is $9,500. In addition to the bank’s fees, you’ll be charged $50 for this service.

Safety Measures At BetOBet Poker

Bodog has a connection to BetOBet. Since 2004, the company has been providing online poker and sports betting services. In the past, all sites affiliated with this company have paid players on schedule. Even after facing legal proceedings from the United States government, the business has continued to operate normally. In terms of online poker, you can feel secure playing at BetOBet.

The Bottom Line 

BetOBet Poker is a legitimate operation because it makes significant efforts to complete transaction processing in a timely manner. The organization provides its customers with some of the most dependable player assistance in the business. Emails are responded to quickly, and withdrawal applications are usually reimbursed within a few hours of being sent.


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