Apple’s Magic Keyboard Review: Is The Magic Real?



The iPad Pro has never been used as a traditional tablet computer. At the very least, thinking back, I don’t believe I’ve ever actually witnessed someone do this without a keyboard case connected to it — you mean, like a laptop would be used. Apple’s decision to offer a practically fully-featured gadget like the Magic Keyboard, which makes things simpler for Pro customers to convert between the two different form factors, makes sense in this situation.


The iPad Pro is already well-liked by creative professionals for its ability to serve as a portable design tool, capable of running a wide range of heavy-duty applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator, and much more, thanks to its powerful A13 chipset, which is built for performance. Adding a mouse and keyboard, on the other hand, transforms the device into a useful laptop-like device that makes it simple to complete more fundamental chores like surfing the web or responding to emails. Furthermore, it is equipped with a camera for teleconferencing.


Due to the high price of the iPad Pro (2020), which starts at $799, purchasing additional peripherals, such as the $299 Magic Keyboard, to replicate the laptop experience is an unnecessary financial strain. Especially when you realize that, only for $200 extra, you can obtain the model structure MacBook Air (2020), which is a real laptop instead of a tablet.


However, for those who require it the max, the Magic Keyboard has made the journey from tablets to quasi-laptop significantly less traumatic.

Official Website of Apple’s Magic Keyboard

What Is The Ipad Pro’s Magic Keyboard?

The Magic Keyboard is far distinct from any other keyboard case again for iPad that you’ve ever seen before. In a characteristically Apple approach, the keyboard is distinct in practically every manner, including how it looks and feels. 

Because of the way the keyboard is designed, you can quickly and effortlessly place an iPad on it and begin typing. Then, when you’re ready to return to tablet mode, simply remove it from your body.

What Are The Offered Quality And Design Parameters For Users?

The Magic Keyboard is constructed in the manner of a tank. That, on the other hand, is both a curse and a blessing. In terms of flex, the keyboard deck is virtually nonexistent. A whole thing is incredibly stable and well-balanced when you have it on your lap. It’s not even a little tippy. All of the motions involved in making it available and tilting it into its floating posture are one continuous motion. 


A two-handed lift is undoubtedly required — but doing a one-finger lift was likely never been in the cards, to begin with. If you have the iPad open, one option you can do with one hand is pulling it away from the Magic Keyboard. This makes it simple to make use of the more adaptability that an iPad offers over a laptop.


The screen can be tilted between 90 to 130 degrees, which appears to be sufficient on paper. In actuality, though, 130 degrees is far from sufficient. It can seem claustrophobic, especially if you’re used to pushing the screen of your laptop back when it’s resting on your lap.


The Magic Keyboard barely makes a difference in a small number of such scenarios. It is an amazingly good, albeit pricey and hefty, way of using your iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, and it is recommended. That being the case, this is a significant improvement over what was formerly accessible, and you will appreciate it. The iPad, on the other hand, is unique in that it is more than just a laptop.

Other characteristics of the Magic Keyboard contribute towards how simple it is to use in everyday situations. The USB-C charging port, as well as the tilted shape that makes it simpler to hold and operate the iPad like an iPad, are both beneficial. The angled form is beneficial in other ways as well. It has several viewing angles that can be adjusted, though it does have a restricted range of viewing angles, We found that it functioned well in the majority of scenarios.

Official Website of Apple’s Magic Keyboard

The design of the Magic Keyboard is more than just “magnets!” It is a feat of engineering. As mentioned above, the iPad is connected to the Magic Keyboard by use of its Smart Connector pins, which allow power to be delivered directly from the cover to the iPad. 


Power is transferred in the other direction as well. In other words, you won’t have to worry about charging the Magic Keyboard to keep it charged up. In place of that, it draws electricity for the lighted keys directly from the iPad. It’s a pretty clever idea. On the negative side, only power may be transferred through the keyboard’s connector, which means no data transfer is possible. 


Lastly, another positive outcome of this magic keyboard is its design’s rigidness.  This means you can enjoy a late movie night or an uncertain piece of work on your lap and in your bed too!

Hear Out The Reviews!

While the Magic Keyboard definitely has a lot to offer in terms of features, there are two major factors to keep in mind: battery life and overall weight. Like who roots for carrying a keyboard weighing 3lbs on their lap every now and then?  Moreover, as a whole product, it has received 3.5 stars due to the system’s responsiveness, structure’s excellence, and handy type on. While increasing iPad’s user accessibility as a laptop. So the question remains the same should you buy this product? Yes definitely if you desire or require the greatest keyboard and trackpad experience available and are ready to spend a premium price to get it.

Official Website of Apple’s Magic Keyboard

The Market-Competitive Alternatives

If you’re looking for a high-quality keyboard case, you really won’t be disappointed with the Magic Keyboard from Microsoft. Despite the fact that it is pricey, you are effectively paying for convenience and comfort in this case.


There are, however, other alternatives. Alternatively, if a trackpad is not as vital to you, the Smart Keyboard Folio, which costs $179 (for the 11-inch variant) and is far more featherweight than the Magic Keyboard, may be a better option.


As an alternative to the Apple case, there’s the Brydge Pro+, which is interoperable both with 11-inch and 12.9-inch MacBook Pro versions and has a starting price of $199. Since the trackpad comes with an aluminum casing, the weight is comparatively greater than the magic keyboard. 

Final Thoughts

After a few months of using Magic Keyboard with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020), we’ve come to the conclusion that Apple’s engineers must be rewarded for designing a versatile and portable piece of electronics. The only drawbacks lie in the weight and expensiveness which too have got overshadowed by the list of the handful of smart features the Magic Keyboard has blessed audiences with. 


Official Website of Apple’s Magic Keyboard


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