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Credit: Photo by Lacey Williams on Unsplash

Single use plastics are associated with negative effects on the environment if they are littered or discarded incorrectly after their use. Not only do they damage terrestrial and marine life, there are significant costs associated with their clean-up when they are disposed of incorrectly.

Investing in green infrastructure is, of course, important but only part of the picture. Behaviour change is needed if the full benefits of investment are to be achieved.

As an organisation, the City of London Corporation aims to reduce its environmental impact across all operations and leave the environment in a better state. Working with Businesses in the Square Mile, the City Corporation has developed the Plastic Free City – London campaign to help businesses, workers and residents across the Square Mile reduce and eliminate their reliance on unnecessary single-use plastics.

Plastic Free City Logo

We have introduced a business pledge offering a three-tier, graduated, self-assessment approach has been developed. It offers an approach that allows organisations to decide which actions and at what pace to introduce the changes necessary to reduce and then eliminate unnecessary single use plastics from operations.

The benefits are both environmental and financial and many businesses have already made significant savings.

We have also introduced a Personal Pledge for any individual to sign regardless of where they live. We are asking individuals to make a personal commitment to reducing their single-use plastic consumption. Our special Plastic Free City website contains information on the ten best things individuals can do to reduce their single use plastic footprint.

By taking the pledge, businesses and individuals can also sign up to receiving information from the campaign team about future events, activities and news.

For more information visit or email our Campaign Manager

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