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Global SDG targets get a boost with launch of World Wide Generation’s, G17Eco platform

30th August 2018: World Wide Generation announce the next phase in its development of a global ecosystem designed to underpin the financing and delivery of the critical UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for future investments.

The SDG’s were set in 2015 as a follow on from the millennium development goals and clearly set out 17 goals, each with specific targets and clear indicators to improve social, economic and environmental conditions by 2030. The goals do not discriminate across geography or current status but are designed to galvanise cooperation across governments, businesses, NGO’s and citizens globally.

Manjula Lee, the CEO and founder of WWG was thrilled to receive support for the next phase of the business whist travelling as a guest delegate of Prime Minister Theresa May, who said:

“With a shared passion for entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, now is the time for UK businesses to strengthen their partnerships with Africa to boost jobs and drive prosperity both at home and overseas.

“I am proud to lead a strong and wide-ranging trade and investment delegation to Africa which represents the very best of British expertise and industry.”

Working with political and business leaders, the World Wide Generation is a movement and blockchain enabled platform that provides an interoperable, transparent marketplace for sustainable investing. As well as a number of leading financial services and investment firms, global FMCG giants such as Unilever are partnering with WWG to drive a more sustainable agenda across industry.

Founder and CEO Manjula Lee is currently part of powerful delegation to Africa led by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, as she sets out her international development and trading strategy.

Africa is ideally placed to benefit from the SDG’s and indeed with a population of 1.2 billion and an average age of 19, will play a critical role in designing and deploying a more equal, sustainable and inclusive future for society globally over the coming century.

‘I have brought a 29 strong delegation of business leaders and entrepreneurs to Africa at a critical time in the shaping of our worlds future’, said Theresa May the Prime Minister. ‘The age of globally interconnected technology provides us the best possible tools to rebalance some of the worlds injustices, and to enable all citizens a fairer chance of creating a better life for themselves and their families. The World Wide Web, invented by Tim Berners Lee as a free, open network for information sharing and trading across all of society is now used by over 50% of the world’s population. The UK will continue to develop, invest in and share open, accessible networks that enable and power a more level playing field for all.’

Alderman Charles Bowman, the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of London, and Alastair Lukies CBE, the Prime Ministers Business Ambassador for the Fintech Industry, are supporting the WWG and working with equivalent representatives around the world to align efforts and bolster momentum.

‘The Business of Trust has never been more in the spotlight and more urgently needed’ said the Lord Mayor Of London. ‘We live in a truly connected global society and now have the tools, frameworks and technology to create a new set of marketplaces and investment platforms. The City of London was built on and has thrived because of open, accessible exchanges, common standards and rule of law. It has made us a world leading financial centre and we must now look to an even more open, interoperable and sustainable future for the world.’

G17Eco uses distributed ledger technology to provide a monitoring, data flow, investment exchange and tech infrastructure that can identify, showcase and scale up sustainable businesses and initiatives across all sectors. Whether it’s energy tech businesses, agri-tech exchanges or grass roots education platforms, investors can now put capital to work at scale with not only their targeted financial returns in mind but also with societal good as a clear barometer of success’

Alastair Lukies commented, ‘with this initiative, Manjula and her excellent team have really captured the essence of where the world has to and thankfully is heading’. ‘Open, interoperable networks are critical for the world to tap into the abundant opportunity to solve historic, current and future challenges for society. If we look at the worlds largest and most valuable companies today they are all ecosystem based and give users, whether they be consumers or businesses, access to the tools and services they need on demand, at scale, globally. The same level of accessibility and investment needs to be given to social enterprises that are solving the planets greatest challenges, and I would like to personally take this to other countries like Australia, India and China. WWG is an admirable and tangible endeavour that should be encouraged and supported.’

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