Green Equities for Asset Owners 16th October

The GFI alongside Environmental Finance is co-hosting Green Equities for Asset Owners conference in London on 16th October.


Attend to hear from high-profile investors in both listed equities and private equity, who will share their insights on the risk and return characteristics of sustainable stocks, their efforts to decarbonise their portfolios, and how the investment universe might be impacted by the changing policy landscape.

The conference divides into two streams after the morning coffee break – one tailored to listed equities and the other to private equity.


Some of the topics discussed during the day include:

  • TCFD – the route to implementation
  • Fiduciary duty and ESG
  • Can sustainability boosts PE returns?
  • The passive investment drive and low-carbon indices
  • How GPs are managing climate and ESG considerations
  • Investor climate goals – and how to achive them
  • Measuring impact
  • Infrastructure – a green equity opportunity?


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