Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year 2019

The Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year 2019 competition is launched.

The competition aims to showcase tomorrow’s leaders in UK banking. The Chartered Banker Institute is seeking nominations from amongst 35,000 members, and also more widely from across the UK banking industry, including building societies, credit unions and others, subject to the eligibility criteria.

The Competition:

The challenge set for entrants is designed to test their capacity to generate new ideas, to drive innovation and to deliver sustainable growth. Contestants will be asked to develop a proposal in response to the following question:

“What idea would you implement in your own organisation to improve outcomes for some or all of the following groups: customers, colleagues, counterparties, communities and the organisation you work for? Your idea should place customers and their needs at the heart of the business and reflect your vision for the future of banking based on sustainable and/or green finance principles.”

Apply here

The Benefits:
There are many benefits to taking part in Young Banker of the Year. Candidates can improve on and learn new skills throughout the competition process, including:

  • The opportunity to develop new and ground-breaking ideas in the banking industry
  • Get valuable feedback from industry experts
  • Raise their profile in their organisations and in the wider industry
  • Hone their presentation skills
  • Develop networking skills

For further details visit:

Chartered Banker Institute

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